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On your obstetric pregnancy calendar 31a week, which means that the date of birth is closer and the first meeting with the long-awaited crumb. Every day the baby adds several grams of weight and grows, taking up more and more space in the uterus. Sometimes the active behavior of crumbs can cause future mum pain and discomfort, especially if the toddler hits the liver or stomach with a foot. There are very few left, and you will take your baby in your arms!

What changes in a woman's body?

By the 31st week of pregnancy, the expectant mother feels fatigue from her position: her legs swell by evening, her pelvic and pelvic bones ache, heartburn overwhelms, and the pose for sleep is more difficult to pick up every day.
The growing tummy causes a lot of inconvenience: the future mother can not bend, sometimes she does not have enough air, after eating, the feeling of heaviness in the stomach is disturbed.

At 31 weeks of gestation, the height of the bottomThe uterus is approximately 31 cm above the pubic articulation. The tummy of the future mother is already big enough and it can not be hidden under loose clothes, and why hide such beauty? Enjoy your position, try to communicate as often as possible with a crumb in the tummy, iron your tummy, and include calm classical music.

Continue to use oil against stretch marks, as the tummy continues to grow and the skin can stretch.

If by evening you feel very tired andpain in the lumbar region, then it's time to wear a bandage. Wear a bandage in the morning, without getting out of bed. The device should not squeeze the skin and cause discomfort.

As a rule, most expectant mothers are very welllook at 31 weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body that occur from the first weeks of pregnancy. The skin shines with health, the rashes that disturb the woman before conception disappear. Hair becomes shiny and thick.

In some cases, very rarely, a future motherthere are directly opposite changes: always clean and smooth skin becomes covered with pimples, shines from sebum, and hair falls out and becomes brittle and dull. In addition to hormonal rearrangements, such changes are also due to genetic predisposition.

In addition to changes in the condition of the skin and hair, 31week of pregnancy, the expectant mother may note an increase in tooth sensitivity. Especially when eating hot or cold food, as well as sweet and sour. These sensations can arise as a result of calcium deficiency in the body of a future mother, because all the useful minerals and minerals are taken away by the baby. You can correct the situation with the help of increased consumption of dairy products and visits to the dentist. If you need to sanitize carious teeth, try not to postpone this procedure until childbirth. Then you will not have time to visit a doctor, and your teeth will be destroyed, which threatens to connect the inflammatory process in the pulp of the tooth.

Another unpleasant companion of 31 weekspregnancy are disorders in the digestive system, namely heartburn after eating. Heartburn often occurs as a result of overeating or eating fried and fatty foods. In addition, heartburn can occur and in itself as a result of the displacement of the internal organs of the future mother in favor of the growing uterus.
To reduce unpleasant sensations it is possible by means of simple rules:

- give up spices, fatty and spicy dishes;

- Eat at least 5-6 times a day in small portions;

- After a meal, drink a glass of warm milk.

As a rule, if these simple recommendations are observed, heartburn does not bother the expectant mother.

As the gestation period increases, the growingThe uterus increasingly displaces and squeezes the internal organs, including the rectum of the expectant mother, as a result of this a woman may be disturbed by constipation. Such a delicate problem can cause a lot of uncomfortable pregnancies: rumbling in the abdomen, increased gas formation, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, a feeling of pressure on the anus. Constipation is extremely dangerous for the health of the future mother and baby, because with untimely departure of stools, all harmful decomposition products and unquenched food particles begin to be absorbed back into the blood, which threatens the general intoxication of the body.

Constipation during pregnancy occurs not only because ofsqueezing the rectum with a growing uterus, the blame for everything is the prostaglandin hormone, which relaxes the muscles of the pelvic organs, including the intestine.

To prevent the development of constipation, the futuremom should carefully review her diet: include more fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, bread with bran, kefir at night. It is very important to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day, not counting the first dishes and tea. Simple physical activities or just walking will help keep the intestines in tone and are the prevention of constipation.

Typically, by the 31st week of pregnancy, a womanadds about 8-11 kg in weight. If these indicators are slightly above the norm, do not strictly limit yourself to eating, so as not to harm the baby, because now he needs more than ever that my mother fully fed. Full nutrition does not mean that the diet should consist of rolls, sweets, pastries and cakes. Replace sugar with honey, in the absence of allergies to beekeeping products, and sweets and cookies on dates, dried apricots, prunes and candied fruits. Do not overeat in the evening, enough to eat a piece of fish cooked for a couple and a side dish of vegetables, and at night drink a glass of yogurt. Thus, your body will receive all the necessary trace elements and will not be saturated with calories.

If over the past 30 weeks you have eaten balanced and right, then after giving birth you will quickly return an attractive shape and harmony.

Many future mothers are interested in the question of how longyou can continue to have sex, bearing a baby? Gynecologists unanimously assert that in the absence of serious reasons, sexual activity can continue until the date of delivery. Moreover, contraception now absolutely does not need to worry, which means that you can fully enjoy each other!

Contra-indications for the continuation of sexual relations include:

- the imposition of the pessary on the cervix;

- leakage of amniotic fluid;

- full or partial presentation of the placenta;

Bleeding from the external genital tract;

The child at 31 weeks of pregnancy weighs about 1500 grams, and the length of his body is 38-40 cm.

By this time of gestation, the baby already sucks wellfinger. Now this occupation takes almost the entire period of his wakefulness. During the sucking of a finger, the crumb constantly swallows the amniotic fluid, which causes it to hiccup. At such times, the expectant mother can feel the rhythmic flinches of the crumbs if she puts a hand to her stomach.

More and more the brain of the fetus is being perfected, the transmission of nerve impulses is accelerating, protective membranes appear.

From this period of pregnancy, the baby can alreadyto experience painful sensations. If you accidentally press down your tummy, the kid will immediately start moving actively, letting you know that it is unpleasant for him. The pupils of the fetus are already reacting to the light: if you direct a bright light on the tummy, the crumb will move, try to change the position of the body and squeeze the eyes.

Subcutaneous fat tissue of crumbs is already developed quite well and daily subcutaneous fat will accumulate. It is these changes in the baby's body that give it such a plump appearance at birth.

The liver of crumbs continues to improve,now this body is ready to independently clean blood of crumbs from toxic substances. The pancreas is fully formed and actively produces insulin to maintain the glucose level in the baby's body.

The placenta is the most important organ for crumbs. Through the blood vessels of the placenta, all nutrients and oxygen enter the fetus. By the 31st week of pregnancy, most of the future mothers are diagnosed with a 2 degree of maturity of the placenta, if these indicators do not comply with the norms and the aging of the child's place is observed earlier, the future mother is sent to the hospital. This is necessary in order to constantly monitor the condition of the fetus and, if necessary, take therapeutic measures. The state of the placenta evaluates with the help of ultrasound.

Mandatory analysis at 31 weeks of gestationare the study of urine and blood. Do not neglect these studies, as the study of urine analysis helps to identify the beginning of late toxicosis of pregnant women and take timely measures.

At each visit to the gynecologist, the specialist measures the height of the standing of the womb bottom for the future mother and listens to the fetal heartbeat. This allows you to assess the development of the baby in accordance with the period of pregnancy.

What can disturb a woman?

Frequent complaints at the 31st week of pregnancy are the following:

- drawing pains in the lower abdomen - these symptoms cansignaling of threatening premature births or as a result of stretching of the uterine muscles and divergence of the pelvic bones. In order not to risk the health and life of the crumbs, report the pain to the gynecologist.

- increased uterine tone - may occur afterfatigue of the future mother, stress, lifting weights, physical exertion. If the tone of the uterus does not pass a long time, be sure to see a doctor! At a hypertonus in an organism of a crumb the sufficient quantity of oxygen arrives, and a constant pressure of muscles of a uterus can provoke labors before term.

- training bouts - at this timepregnancy is normal. Several times a day the uterus contracts for a few seconds, and the stomach becomes firm. So the body of the future mother is preparing for childbirth. Pain during training battles should not be, like the periodicity, and the intensification of contractions. With increasing bouts and pains in the abdomen, urgently need to call an ambulance.

At some women on this term of carrying outthere may be leakage of amniotic fluid. This phenomenon is especially common in women of different births, when the intervals between births are less than 3 years and the body has not yet recovered. If you notice that the underwear is wet, put a clean cotton pad and observe the amount of excreta. Some pregnant women confuse the amniotic fluid with abundant secretions with thrush. In any case, if you are very worried, contact your gynecologist. With the help of special tests, a specialist will quickly determine the secretion of this or amniotic fluid.

If for any reason a pregnant womanthe delivery began at 31 weeks, the gynecologists are trying to stop this process and save the pregnancy. Wise nature has not in vain allocated 9 months to bear the baby. During this time, the crumbs form all the organs, and it is completely ready for existence outside the mother's body.
At 31 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal lungs can not yet perform their function, so the baby may experience complications in the postnatal period.

Even if the birth process is not stopped, notPanic! The crumb is born alive and he has great chances to live, and this is the most important thing. Of course, the baby born on the 31st week needs special care and a thermal regime, however the loving mother and professionals of the children's department will help your baby to "ripen".

If your pregnancy is prolific, then youDouble the burden on all organs and systems. Your tummy is much larger than that of women bearing one child, and the weight gain is about 13-14 kg. With multiple pregnancies, you should take even more care of your body: go to the gynecologist on time, take all the necessary tests, observe the diet, listen to the slightest changes in the body. Set yourself up for the best, because inside you are beating the whole two tiny hearts!

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