How the legs swell

If the kidneys are disturbed, noticeable edemaoccurs simultaneously on two legs. Often the eyelids swell slightly, dark circles appear under the eyes. Urination is impaired. With intestinal diseases, there are similar swelling, but they are accompanied by diarrhea.

With varicose veins, swelling canarise both on one and at once on both legs. More pronounced such swelling become in the evening or after a long stay on their feet. In this case, puffiness appears due to a violation of blood circulation and increased pressure in large veins and small vessels. After sleep, such swelling, as a rule, disappear.

If the swelling increases from the bottom to the topand thus there is a shortness of breath and the pulse is quickened, it, most likely, a heart failure. If a person lies, such swelling is asymmetrical, if moves - swelling is symmetrical.

Edema can appear not only in somediseases, but also in perfectly healthy people. If a person is forced to stand in an upright position all day, leg swelling will inevitably occur in the evening. They are the result of fatigue. Often, such swelling occurs in sellers, hairdressers, teachers.

If swelling is caused by the disease, treatment shouldappoint a doctor. If they are due to heat or fatigue, the first thing to do is to lie with your legs high and stay in that position for about 20 minutes. Contrasting foot baths are good for edema. In one basin it is necessary to dissolve a glass of sea salt in hot water and pour cold water into another, into which you can add a lavender broth. First, the legs are lowered into hot water for 5 minutes, then 1-2 minutes into a cool one.

Can a few days drink a diuretic tea, brothparsley or cranberry leaves. However, for a long time to take diuretics and teas without the doctor's recommendations can not. You can cause dehydration.

To get rid of leg swelling, you canuse the Kalanchoe tincture. To prepare the tincture, a half-liter jar is filled with sliced ​​Kalanchoe leaves, poured into the vodka and allowed to stand in a dark place for about two weeks. The resulting infusion rub your legs overnight.

To edema appeared as rarely as possible, it is necessary to carrycomfortable shoes, incompressible foot. If the work is sedentary, you should periodically get up and knead your legs. If you have to stand for a long time, you need to shift from one foot to the other, changing the supporting leg. After a day's work, it's good to massage the lower extremities. At night, under your feet, you can put a small pillow or roller.