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Every girl knows the problem with her legs, because inunlike men, we women in order to look more feminine and attractive have to walk on uncomfortable stiletto heels, to the detriment of his comfort and health.

In addition to shoes, foot swelling also occurs due tohormonal changes, weather conditions, often appear during menstruation. In the summer months, swelling of the legs can occur in absolutely healthy people, but most often this malaise our body signals about looming large problems.

With small edema of the legs, traces ofit's so easy, but if by the evening shoes seem small, her belts cut into the skin, and the pattern of the sock leaves a distinct imprint - this is no longer the norm. If you just have a new shoe for example, you can measure the volume of the shin with the help of a centimeter in the morning and in the evening - there is no doubt that it will not be possible, because the swelling gives very significant fluctuations in the volume.

What causes swelling?

First of all, many are interested in the question of howthe swelling of the legs is associated with heat. The thing is that in hot weather our body takes on the function of cooling, which has a visible effect in the form of sweat. We sweat, drink, sweat again, and if we also actively work, then the body can begin to experience difficulties with the distillation of such a large amount of liquid in the body.

The main shock and load is taken by the heartand kidneys, but not always they are able to cope with this completely and completely. Edema is the result of fluid accumulation in soft tissues and a signal that, most likely, the kidneys do not cope with the task assigned to them, being overwhelmed by a large number of absorbed drinks.

From heat, edema can occur and with perfect health. So if your edema appears rarely, and by morning disappear without a trace - this is not a reason for panic, but only a peculiar form of the norm.

The most common second cause of edemais varicose veins. Under the action of heat, a large volume of water, the walls of the veins become thinner, starting to flow into the intercellular spaces of the tissues surrounding them. If your legs "buzz" at the end of the day or are felt like "wadded", you feel heaviness when walking, it is better to contact a vascular surgeon. Despite the fact that many believe that varicosity is necessarily accompanied by prominent blue vessels, this is not always true. And it is better to pick it up at an initial stage than to undergo serious treatment.

In the high-risk area for edema and varicose veinsthere are people of a dense physique with a small foot size, people suffering from flat feet, as well as ladies who prefer only shoes with a stud.

Among other things, these are occupational diseases for hairdressers, sales consultants, promoters, stewardesses and other employees whose day is mostly on their feet.

If swelling persistent, despite the fact thatSerious complaints, as with varicose veins, no, you should still consult a doctor. Persistent edema is most often signals of a malfunction in the kidneys, the thyroid gland, the heart. They can also signal about diabetes and serious problems with the liver. In any case, if you notice that the swelling began to persecute you, it is an occasion to undergo a comprehensive examination.

How to reduce the risk of swelling to a minimum? What to do?

If you began to worry about swelling, about hairpins onsome time will have to forget. Your shoes should not be tight and tight. Also pay attention to socks and stockings - they should not have a very tightening elastic, which, when swollen, can begin to dig into the leg. In those days, when it is impossible to refuse from the front shoes, try not to forget to do the massage - rubbing your legs from the bottom up with rubbing movements.

2. Do exercises for the legs

Simple rolling from heel to toe and backwill have a very beneficial effect if repeated every two to three hours. If you have a sedentary office work, you can just make a circular foot motion under the table. While watching TV at home, you can roll your feet with a rolling pin or a ball.

Also there are special simulators, by the formreminiscent of antediluvian abacus, designed specifically for such exercises. We all also know the movement "bike", but if it lacks the strength, you can just hold your feet up for a while. Still experts advise "a dream on the contrary", that is for the night your feet should be on an eminence to optimize outflow of blood.

Many vegetables and fruits have a pronounceddiuretic effect, and their use will greatly facilitate the work of your kidneys. Watermelons, cranberries, cranberries, herbal decoctions - all this will help you to normalize the circulation of fluids in the body.

4. Monitor the quantity and quality of the fluid

Do not refrain from drinking water,Only if the doctor has not appointed this. It is better just to pay attention to what you drink. Do not drink sweet soda, as well as any drink with sugar and dyes. Give preference to herbal tea, natural juices. Particularly useful are natural fruit cocktails from cranberries and cranberries.

Rest with swelling is only for women onlast terms of pregnancy. In other cases, walks will only help you with the problem of coping! After all, the foundation of healthy legs is well developed, strong muscles.

6. Water procedures for tired legs

Daily contrast shower is extremely useful foredema. Differences in the temperature of the water will allow you to keep the vessels in a tone, and also give your skin a fresh and rested look. If you are near a pond, suitable for swimming, for example, decided to go to the sea, then arrange a run along the edge of the water or just walk on the wet sand. For residents of the same city will be very useful lessons aqua aerobics, which are held almost in any basin.

Watch your health and do not be ill! Good luck!

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