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On the itch and redness in the region of the legs, many do notpay attention. And in vain, it can be a manifestation of diabetes, the infectious process, eczema or psoriasis. In order not to miss the initial stage of a serious illness and get adequate treatment, you need to know about possible diseases, and if necessary, consult a doctor.

Most people, feeling itching and noticingredness on the skin of the legs, do not attach importance to this. Meanwhile, these symptoms can talk about the initial stage of a serious infectious or inflammatory disease. Also, redness and itching on the legs can be caused by mechanical interference from the outside, trauma or insect bites.

A frequent cause of itching, especially in hotthe time of year, are the bites of insects, which are classed as bloodsucking. For example, a mosquito, a tick, bites a person, injects under the skin a substance that prevents the blood from clotting. Feeling of itching and redness, the skin reacts to this substance. There are many ways to prevent and treat this type of itching, for example, psilo-balm, fenistil gel and even ordinary raw potatoes and cabbage leaf.

Narrow jeans, pantyhose, tights. These garments deprive the skin of the shins of the ability to breathe normally. As a result, it turns red and begins to itch. Normal depilation can result in injuring the outer layer of the shin skin, which also causes hyperemia and a desire to comb the affected area.

The main pathological conditions in which the skin of the shins becomes red and itches are.

In this disease due to violation of all typesexchanging the skin does not get the necessary nutrients. As a result, it dries up, begins to peel off, itching occurs. Constant combing leads to the appearance on the skin of wounds, which do not heal for a long time and grow into long, non-healing ulcers. Such conditions are very difficult to treat. Treatment is usually a long, complex, involving the endocrinologist, therapist and surgeon.

This pathology often develops in people withreduced immunity, under the influence of streptococcal infection. Disease is one of the five most common infectious diseases of modern mankind. Women of middle age and older often suffer. The inflamed part of the shin becomes red, and its edges are confined to a characteristic roller, which has a bright red color.

In severe course, skin flaking begins. Bubbles and long-lasting non-healing ulcers appear on it, which leave behind visible traces. Treatment depends on the stage of the disease, the presence of concomitant disorders and includes mainly antibacterial therapy (Ampicillin, Erythromycin).

With skin itching (including the tibia), you cansuppose polycythemia or Vaquez disease. With this pathology, due to increased activity of the bone marrow in the blood, the number of erythrocytes, as well as leukocytes and platelets, is sharply increased. The hemoglobin level, blood coagulability, viscosity exceeds the norm. As a result, blood supply to all organs is impaired, hypoxia develops, thrombi are formed. Particularly severe itching with Vaques disease becomes after water procedures.

Another pathology, which may occuritching of the shins is Hodgkin's lymphoma. For the diagnosis is necessary to submit blood tests, a bone marrow puncture is possible. Treatment is complex and lengthy, conducted in a specialized hematology unit.

Redness and itching in the calf area canappear after consuming chocolate, eggs, strawberries and other products, if the person does not tolerate them. An allergic reaction often occurs on plants and animal hair. Sometimes, after direct contact with the fur of cats and dogs, as well as with some plants on the skin of the shins, you can observe the symptoms of a local allergic reaction: itching, swelling and redness. A similar reaction can also be caused by hygiene products and even a detergent powder.

Complex inflammatory and primarily non-infectiousa skin disease that has several stages of development and is difficult to treat. With this pathology, the skin of the shins blushes, becomes covered with bubbles, which eventually increase and fill with liquid. Then on the place of the burst bubbles appear crusts. During the whole human disease itchy. In the treatment of hormonal ointments of varying degrees of activity, antihistamines and moisturizers are used. Self-medication can aggravate the process.

Scientists still can not say whythere is this pathology. The main symptom is the appearance on the skin integuments (including the legs) of clearly delineated areas of reddening, covered with whitish scales. Not only the affected area can be scratched, but also the skin around it. The disease periodically gives relapses.

It is a pathology that develops because,that the bile ducts are clogged with stones. In this case, bilirubin (direct) enters the blood in large amounts. This substance accumulates in the skin. It irritatively affects the nerve endings, provoking the itching.

Other manifestations of mechanical jaundice are yellow coloration of the skin, mucous membranes of the mouth, sclera and painful sensations of different intensity on the right side of the hypochondrium.

With this pathology against the background of inflammatoryThe process of the vein lumen is closed by a blood clot - a thrombus. If it does not resolve, the blood circulation is disturbed in the lower limb. In this case, the place where the affected vein passes, blushes, swells, hurts and itches. Pain becomes stronger with palpation of the inflamed vein. The disease can be complicated by the detachment of the thrombus and obstruction of the vessels of the lung, which in some cases leads to a lethal outcome.

In case of a failure in the thyroid glandpathological changes begin in the whole body, including in the skin of the shins. Capillaries expand, hyperemia, swelling develop. The state of the skin is normal only after the treatment of the underlying pathology.

It is a viral disease in whichreddened skin appears small bubbles, located very close to each other. They can merge. Another symptom is the increasing sensation of itching, as well as burning sensation.

With this disease, the nerve shell is destroyed,as a result of which it is difficult to carry out pulses from nerve endings. Manifestations of multiple sclerosis are diverse - from numbness, itching of the shins and trembling of hands to a visual disturbance, imbalance and paralysis.

How to eliminate itching and flushing

Since the appearance of itching and redness of the skin onshins can indicate serious health problems, you do not need to try to diagnose yourself. The exception is when the cause is obvious (for example, a mosquito bite). If the bite of the mosquito is strongly itchy, you can lubricate it with Psilo balsam or Salicylic alcohol.

Do not wait a long time to visit a doctor,because the lower leg turns red and itches in the acute period of the disease. And at this point the doctor is easiest to establish the real cause and cure the underlying disease, after which the sensation of itching and hyperemia will disappear.

If they were caused by herpes, then aciclovir tablets are taken inside (this preparation is also released in the form of ointment and cream), isoprinosine, and externally use Zovirax or Fenistil pentivir.

Erysipelas treated with antibiotics(Ampicillin, Doxycycline). In case of severe course, antibiotics are administered intramuscularly. Bubbles are opened, treated with furacillin and a sterile bandage is applied.

When thrombophlebitis wall veins strengthen, takingDetralex or Troxevasin, and local inflammation is removed by lubricating the affected area with Diclofenac. The formation of thrombi is prevented by Aspirin preparations, and heparin ointment helps to dissolve blood clots.

If the itching and redness of the shins are caused by mechanical causes, hygiene compliance and suitable clothing will help ease the situation. You need to forget about tight jeans and tight tights.

Before depilation, the skin of the shins needs to be moistened,having put on it cosmetic milk, shaving lotion or soap. Calming the irritated skin of the shins will help the broth turn (or chamomile). If the itching is very troublesome, you can take antihistamine drugs loratadine, ketotifen, suprastin.

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