Why does an elderly person swell around his legs?

Swelling of the feet - a problem that today worries not only the elderly, but also the youth. Why swell the legs?Of course, the main reason here is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. However, what causes this accumulation of liquid inlegs and why many people watch their feet at the end of a day of work or in the summer, even during vacation and rest just swell - these questions and try to answer this article.

So, why the legs and the main causes of edema develop.

The accumulation of fluid in the body can be caused byvarious factors, among which the most common are: excessive stress on the legs, a lot of drunk fluids and heat, a disease of the kidneys, heart, veins, etc.

One of the causes of chronic edema - phlebitis. disease in which veins (one orseveral) are clogged by a blood clot (thrombus). As a rule, with phlebitis swelling any one leg is subject, however there are cases in the practice of physicians when two legs swell at once. The disease brings with it a pronounced pain, feeling that immediately it is worth contacting a specialist who will be able to select and prescribe you a cure.

The second cause of chronic edema can be heart failure. Such edema,
unlike the previous one, completelypainless. The weakened heart muscle in heart failure is unable to pump all the necessary blood, as a result of this, blood accumulates in the veins and this ultimately leads to their expansion in the legs. The liquid component thus quickly leaks into the tissue and causes, respectively, swelling. With this disease, edema can be observed immediately on both legs.

Kidney pathology is another symptom, when swelling spreads on the legs, without being accompanied, as in the previous case by pain. With this disease, edema can appear not only on the legs, but also on other parts of the body, particularly on the hands and on the face under the eyes.

In addition, often such puffinesstogether with an increase in body temperature. In the case when a person has diseased kidneys, they excrete the protein in the urine, and when the body's protein is lost in the tissues of the body, an inflammatory process begins that occurs in the form of a seeping fluid from blood vessels containing a protein. So there are swelling.

Another disease leading to swelling of the legs is varicose veins. It is in view of the development of this disease thatviolation of outflow of blood. This leads to an increase in the pressure in the veins, and high pressure in the capillaries, as is known, facilitates the release of fluid from the vessels into the tissue, which leads to swelling. As a rule, with varicose veins on the legs are asymmetrical or they are only present on one leg. Increased such swelling with a long stay on his feet or by evening.

May lead to edema and lymph flow. In such cases, edema is strongly pronounced and in the people they are commonly called "elephantiasis".

The cause of edema can be a side effect of a medical product. They primarily include drugs that contain female hormones, as well as some drugs that lower blood pressure and promote the treatment of asthma, arthritis, cancer, etc.

Become the cause of edema of the legs and may be incorrectshoes, which, if improperly selected, can help limit muscle contraction in calves. Experts recommend not to wear narrow and tight shoes, as well as shoes with high heels and having too flat a sole.