Have begun to swell up legs or foots at pregnancy what to do or make

Swelling of the legs ... pregnancy 24 weeks ... what to do ...

  • they usually take tests and the doctor says that doing something writes out something.
  • To be checked up on varices: 1. To make US of veins of legs or foots. 2. Visiting the phlebologist.
    Lie comfortably and raise your legs (only not at the angle of 90degrees in relation to the body, it is enough and 30-45 degrees) to go swimming in the pond with cool water (1 hour of swimming (for swimming of pregnant women in the second trimester read in nete, there are contraindications there) or even just being in the water will already give the result). eat cherries or compotes (better without sugar) Put less salt in the food. Walk at least 1 hour in the evening. Make cool foot baths.
  • My legs also swelled. Lying in urology. The doctor said 4 times a day to get on all fours for 15 minutes. that would give the kidneys a rest and everything will be fine.
  • In general, edemas are put on storage ...
  • Go to the doctor.
    Perhaps you need help with the kidneys, and maybe minerals or vitamins are not enough, so problems with swelling are due to a lack of protein and amino acids.
  • take a syringe and sow
  • Yes damn, all of the taiga or something, doctors are not around. Through the question they ask how to treat, then themselves, then the child. Now you will be advised, you will wait for gestosis, you will lose a child, he does not really need you, judging by the question.
  • Drink less liquid. Drinking diuretic tea. Stand on all fours a day for 4 to 15 minutes. All this I did and still went for 5 days to drop a dropper. And in general on survey the doctor itself will tell or say what to do or make.
  • I lay on the preservation, put a dropper. and also talked to drink less.
  • For the beginning to hand over the analysis wet and go to the gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe the treatment. While exclude from the diet salt, limit the sweet, hot and smoked. Get up at least 4 times a day for 15 minutes on all fours to reduce the burden on the kidneys and improve the outflow of urine.

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