How to remove puffiness from the abdomen and legs

Experts told how to easily and effectively remove puffiness and tired legs.

After all, with such symptoms it is important to understand in time to prevent the development of serious diseases, writes Chronicle.Info with reference to healthinfo.

Why there was swelling of the legs

Edema is different. Someone is faced with a puffy face and bags under the eyes, and someone - with a strong swelling of the legs. Previously it was believed that this problem only affects women in 45. Indeed, with age, this happens more often. But this does not mean that the legs are never swollen in girls at age 20, because not years are the main cause of fluid stagnation.

Causes of fatigue and swelling of the legs

Long-term load. Steady work, long flight, and a sedentary lifestyle often cause swelling of the legs. Passes it pretty quickly - you just have to warm up and change your pose.

Kidney Diseases. In this case, in addition to puffiness, you will most likely notice pain in the lower back. It's time to the nephrologist, who will tell you how to treat the swelling of the legs, putting the kidneys in order.

Heart diseases. Such swelling of the legs usually begin in the evening andpass in the morning. The legs swell completely and become quite cold to the touch. If you have swelling of the legs from the ankle to the hips, you should check your heart.

Menses. As a rule, swelling occurs on the feet and legs. This happens in the second half of the cycle, before the onset of menstruation.

Pregnancy. In late pregnancy often feet and ankles swell. Wear comfortable shoes and consult with a gynecologist to reduce discomfort.

Problems with the veins. Swollen legs, especially in conjunction with the appearance of spider veins, can signal the onset of varicose veins.

How to remove puffiness in your legs at home

To understand how to treat swelling of the legs, it is important to understand the cause. For example, as has already been said, if the symptom is associated with kidney disease, you need to treat the kidneys so that your legs stop swelling.

First, they are special ointments and gels thatstimulate blood flow and eliminate stagnant fluid. Secondly, many people are well helped by compression tights and stockings. Especially they are recommended to those who have to stand a lot at work. Thirdly, the answer to the question of how to remove swelling of the legs will be prompted by sports - swimming and aqua aerobics, as well as athletic walking and running help prevent permanent swelling. Fourth, to cope with any swelling help proper nutrition, reduce the amount of salt in the diet and 2 liters of clean water a day.