Swelling of the legs above the knee

Edema (swelling) is an excessive accumulationfluid in the organs, tissues and cells. Most often, puffiness means swelling of the subcutaneous tissue - the so-called edema of the skin. They can be located on different areas of the body, have different sizes and are accompanied by additional symptoms.

Depending on the cause, there are edemas of the following varieties:

• hydrostatic - develop due to the fact that the outflow of blood from the organs is difficult due to the weakness of the heart muscle, the presence of various obstacles to the flow of blood;
• hypoproteinemic, in which due to the fact that the amount of protein in the blood is reduced, the liquid enters the tissues, in the direction of increasing osmotic pressure;
• membrane-gene, in which there is a violation of the integrity of the wall of blood vessels, as a result of which the liquid freely leaves them;
• neurogenic - as a result of the nervous system inadequately controlling vascular function;
• inflammatory process - swelling is always an integral part of inflammation of the infectious or allergic nature.

There are a huge number of diseases that can cause swelling.

This is very serious, either heart or kidney failure, go immediately to the doctor.