How to remove edema on the legs after giving birth

Inna Ringley Zdrastvujte and with the Upcoming! It is completely necessary to change the food. Nothing salty (salt over a minimum), preferably sweet, sour, spicy, smoked and pickled. Even canned peas in a salad makes itself felt. You can drink compotes and fruit drinks, tea and coffee is also desirable to exclude. You can not eat black bread, too, replace it with rye coarse grind. A couple of days will go the process, it helps a lot. Good luck and health. The text is hidden deployed

Svetlana Borisovna At me after cesarean legs or foots oteli.Hodila month as slonikha.Do this never edemas was not. Zanimatsja itself was there is no time (the twin was born). All has passed or has taken place by itself. The text is hidden deployed

Oksana Shirokaya (Chernenko) Anatoly, does the daughter breast her baby? It is very important! If yes, then there really should be a serious cause for edema (usually all the liquid goes to milk, so that even the urine remains small). And if you do not feed, then the problem is likely to disappear if you start feeding. Consult your breastfeeding consultant. The text is hidden deployed

Anatoly ZozulyaOksana Shirokaya (Chernenko) Oksana. Feeds of course, after the birth passed 7 days Text hidden deploy

vera I got swollen after cesarean, the midwife saidlacks squirrel. Eat mommy WILD Maso, not fatty or fish, dairy products. In general, I was given protein starvation, they said it was very often after the birth. Sleep well. Do not be ill! Health to my mother and baby! The text is hidden deployed

Oksana Shirokaya (Chernenko) Well, I asked, because not all women are fed,someone immediately on the mixes for various reasons. Of course, do not worry very much. But you need to turn to specialists, and preferably do not delay. If they will offer medication (and most likely, it will), nastivayte to appoint medicines that are compatible with lactation, for such a baby is very important breastfeeding. The text is hidden deployed