Swelling of the face and legs causes and treatment

The swelling of the face arises from the fact that in the facetissues retained a large amount of fluid, disturbed by water metabolism, a person noticeably swollen face, jaw. Edema is one of the symptoms of a particular disease. To effectively get rid of the edema, you need to find out the cause of its appearance.

Causes of edema on the face

When the body accumulates a large numberfluid due to various violations of internal organs, accumulates excess fluid, there is swelling. If, in addition to edema of the face, severe dyspnea occurs, this is a symptom of a heart disease, the liver may be enlarged. When on the face there are cyanotic edemas, it speaks that blood circulation is broken.

If puffiness is localized under the eyes, thisspeaks about kidney diseases. Most often they occur early in the morning. With kidney pathology swollen face, eyelids. Edema differs in its wateriness, the skin becomes yellow. A person who has a chronic kidney disease, can suffer from excess weight, puffiness is internal.

Facial edema occurs if infectedsubordinate nasal sinuses, resulting in problems with lymphatic outflow. When there is inflammation, swelling disappears. This symptomatology is typical for a patient with diabetes, because the body can not resist infection.

With chronic diseases of the respiratory tractthe face swells. In this situation, you can not use a cold compress, it can further damage. You can get rid of swelling with the help of treatment of the underlying disease, its prevention.

Puffiness may occur due to endocrinedisease. As a result, the skin, fiber under the skin is swelling, because a large amount of mucous tissue accumulates, it suffers from a lack of certain hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland, a person must take hormones.

In summer, when it is very hot, the face may swell,to prevent them to hide their cheeks, nose, they are sensitive areas of the face. If a burn has occurred, you can remove the edema with a cold compress, you can use soothing herbs, special creams. It is forbidden to apply oil to the affected person.

Other causes of facial edema

1. Because of a malignant, benign tumor.

2. After the transferred infectious disease in the maxillofacial joint.

3. Edema can be a reaction to a blood transfusion.

4. It arises because of high blood pressure.

5. During pregnancy, when a woman suffers from toxicosis, the fluid in the body can often linger.

6. Edema appears at the beginning of menstruation.

7. Because of a malfunction in the immune system, lack of trace elements, vitamins.

8. Edema accompanies the pathology of the bladder, kidneys.

9. Swelling occurs when a person is not getting enough sleep.

10. When a person eats harmful foods.

11. Because of salt abuse.

12. When a person is hungry, he constantly sits on a diet.

13. As a result of obesity.

Swelling of the face due to an allergic reaction

Dangerous is the edema that is provokedan allergic reaction, he is angioneurotic. In addition to swelling, breathing becomes difficult, the skin reddens, hives develop, itchiness disturbs, in severe cases a person may lose consciousness.

Eyelids, lips swell strongly, skin on the hand reddens. To get rid of this puffiness, you need to use an ointment against allergies, this is one of the best antihistamines - Suprastin, Fenistil. Allergic swelling on the face can last 5 minutes or several hours, after it completely disappears. In some situations, the allergy appears suddenly, can be triggered by taking antibiotics, chemical preparations, a bee sting if the animal's hair, pollen of the plant, dust is in the respiratory tract. The allergic reaction can be provoked by the strongest stress.

Swelling of the face may be due to the swelling of Quincke, heis sudden, fast. Capillaries and veins expand when fluid accumulates under the skin. The disease is dangerous, can lead to suffocation, because it affects the pharynx. In this situation, you need to take an antihistamine drug - Loratadine, Diazolin, Suprastin. Quincke's edema can be repeated. Allergic edema with compresses, cold water, ointments, creams can not be removed. In no case can not clean the skin with lotion.

Tooth extraction and face swelling

Despite the fact that the extraction of the tooth isa simple surgical operation, there may be a strong puffiness, especially if the immune system is weakened. When soft tissue is destroyed near the tooth, a gum trauma occurs, and the cheek swells.

In addition to puffiness, severe pain appears, sharplythe temperature of the body jumps, an intoxication of the organism occurs, which does not pass for a long time. In this situation, to get rid of the edema, you need to remove the tooth.

The wound is removed after tooth extractionantiseptic solutions, antibiotic, it may be necessary to remove pus, get rid of dental fragments. After the operation, a treatment is often prescribed, with the help of which it is possible to stimulate the immune system.

It is dangerous when, after the tooth has been removed,there was shortness of breath, wheezing appeared. These are the symptoms that you have an allergic edema of the respiratory tract, you need to call an ambulance to prevent suffocation.

To remove the swelling from the affected area, you needapply cold after surgery, then heat salt, grind and apply to the site of edema. To prevent burns, frostbite, it is necessary to place a cloth under the compress on the front area.

So, the swelling on the face can appear from differentdiseases, factors. To get rid of it, you must find out the cause of its appearance, only so treatment will be effective. To such a symptom must be taken seriously, so it is best with puffiness to turn to the treating doctor, undergo a complete examination.