Edema after knee replacement

Endoprosthetics of the knee joint - one of thethe most common procedures in orthopedics. When it is carried out, the damaged knee sites are replaced with artificial prostheses, usually a planned operation.

As a rule, the operation is appointed in the case,when another treatment does not relieve the pain caused by arthritis or another knee joint disease. Thus, surgery is the most effective and very often the only method to restore the former function of the limb.

In this case, total knee endoprostheticsis performed in the case when a degenerative-dystrophic disease, rheumatoid polyarthritis is established; posttraumatic arthrosis; incorrectly fused intraarticular fractures of bones that make up the knee joint and so on. As a rule, feedback about the procedure is positive.

Rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty

Rehabilitation after knee arthroplasty is approximately 3 months, but sometimes more time is needed.

The main tasks of the doctor and patient during the rehabilitation of the joint are as follows:

  • gradually increase its volume of movements,
  • increase the strength of the leg muscles,
  • protect the installed prosthesis,
  • smoothly return to the previous level of activity.

After a stay in the clinic, it is recommended that a rehabilitation course be completed at a specialized center for 3-4 weeks, with a full recovery period of approximately 3-4 months.

It is advisable to begin rehabilitative measures immediately after the operation. For the rehabilitation process after knee arthroplasty, a special procedure for performing rehabilitation exercises has been prepared.

The first two months after the operation, rehabilitation should be carried out in strict accordance with the appointment of a doctor.

Very favorable effect moderatethe activities of the patient at home during the recovery period. Performing home simple work, the patient can quickly return to the usual way of life. In addition, domestic chores can distract from fears and unpleasant sensations. Nevertheless, immediately after returning home and before full recovery, it must be supported and helped.

3-4 months after surgery, it is desirableadd some types of physical activity and, namely, the rise on the toes and heels, walking on the spot, the movement of her hips standing, bending the knees, small velopoezdki, try to keep your balance while standing on one leg only.

At this stage of rehabilitation, the attending physician mayapproximately determine the time through which the patient no longer needs crutches, hence, the patient will be able to move independently. In the future, provided that the recovery is carried out without any problems, the patient will be able to do exercises that are characterized by a much higher load in comparison with the previous ones.

For example, you can do swimming, yoga,dance or walk the stairs. In addition, after consulting with the doctor, the patient will be able to manage the vehicle again and return to work.
However, with the conditions thatmean reduction of loads. Nevertheless, even with a problem-free recovery, the patient must avoid some types of more or less active activity, since they can adversely affect the joint and be the cause of its subsequent destruction. These types include jumping, skiing, tennis, lifting weights and running.

It should be remembered that rehabilitation afterarthroplasty of the knee depends entirely on the overall efforts of the patient and his attending physician. In other words, the more thoroughly and thoroughly the doctor consults the patient, the more responsibly the patient will approach to the implementation of all recommendations, the sooner he will return to his former life and fully recover.

Endoprosthetics of the knee: reviews and price

The price of knee arthroplastydepends on how difficult the operation will be from the endoprosthesis itself, because different materials can be used, respectively, the better the prosthesis, the more expensive it is. Implant-prosthesis is selected by the doctor based on certain factors, such as the age of the patient, his lifestyle, bone quality and degree of destruction. The prosthesis is selected individually. There can be so many combinations that sometimes it is more convenient for a patient to have an affordable prosthesis.

The cost of the operation also depends on the materialimplant and manufacturer, in western clinics you will be offered the best options, and reviews about endoprosthetics of the knee joint abroad are much better.

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