How to reduce leg swelling during pregnancy

Very often, many pregnant womento face such a very unpleasant phenomenon as edema, which in turn causes discomfort and a lot of trouble. Therefore, in such situations, the question remains: how to reduce swelling during pregnancy?

Recommendations for reducing edema

In order to reduce swelling in such situations it is necessary to follow simple recommendations:

  • Limit the use of salt (up to 1-1.5 grams per day). In certain cases it is recommended to adhere to a salt-free diet.
  • Do not reduce the amount of water consumed. With a decrease in the amount of fluid consumed, the body begins to delay it and as a result - there are swelling.
  • Get special tights orcompression stockings. The bandage in such situations helps maintain the uterus, reducing its pressure on the internal organs, so that fluid stagnation in the body is prevented.
  • More often you are in the open air and exercise. Long walks, swimming, gymnastics and yoga help prevent, as well as reduce swelling.
  • Drink vegetable dues and teas with a diuretic effect. A very good result can be obtained after taking kidney tea, bearberry, horsetail, bear ears.
  • During the day, do the unloading for the feet. Take posture, lying down, lifting the legs up, pushing them into the wall or laying on the high rack.

Diet must be mandatorybalanced, with the least amount of easily digestible carbohydrates and fats, but at the same time rich in protein. It is best to eat products of vegetable origin, fermented milk, meat in boiled form.

Dishes are prepared by steam method, they should be baked, boiled, but not fried. Eliminate spicy, salty, smoked and spicy food.