Edema of the hands and feet with oncology

In most cases, puffiness in patients,patients with cancer, appears after surgery or a course of chemotherapy. In some cases, there is a buildup of free fluid in various parts of the body and for no apparent reason.

Puffiness on the legs, feet, at the waistA cancer patient in serious condition is considered almost a sign of the nearest death. This is because the edematous fluid (ascites) contains much more protein than the blood plasma. That is, the cancer, in essence, takes the body of the last proteins.

Edema in Oncology arise when:

Cancer of the cervix and ovaries

Bowel and liver cancer

Pancreas and stomach

Breast cancer and other forms.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify the cancer in the early stages,because edema is often confused with the usual inflammation. So, for example, occurs in the case of breast cancer diagnosis. During a cancerous lung disease, a swelling of the neck, face, and thorax occurs frequently. Liver cancer can cause swelling in the lower extremities, navel, abdomen.

Edema in oncology is characterized by an increased body temperature, infiltrated by the skin. Quite often puffiness is accompanied by painful sensations.

Treatment prescribed by a doctor, oftensuggests a focus on the main problem - cancer. As a rule, additional measures to eliminate puffiness is the appointment of diet, bed rest and diuretics. In especially severe cases, a puncture is performed to remove the fluid.

One of the most common and effective (according to the patients who used it) ways of home treatment is the method of hyperthermia. Read the article - herbs with oncology of the uterus.

Author: Galina Belokon, www.vash-medic.ru