How to relieve leg swelling after childbirth

How to get rid of swelling after childbirth

Swelling after childbirth, what to do, how to treat them andwhy do they arise? Many expectant mothers have swelling. In most cases, this is a variant of the norm, associated with a change in blood circulation in a woman in a position, a heavy load on her legs, a hormonal background. But why do not swelling occur after childbirth? Let's understand.

Most often this question is asked only by those who gave birthwomen. They believe that puffiness should disappear in a matter of hours after the birth of the child. But often it turns out not so. Extra fluid leaves the tissues for some time: from several days to several weeks. The hormonal background should come in order. Everything has its time.

But it also happens that the causes of swelling of the hands, feetafter childbirth are the pathology of the kidneys or the endocrine system. In such cases, puffiness occurs in the morning and is visible on the face. It becomes puffy, bags under the eyes appear. And no standard prophylaxis of edema in the postpartum period does not help.

As for the kidneys, their condition can bejudging by the analysis of blood and urine, which necessarily surrender in the hospital, it happens and more than once. If necessary, the treatment will be carried out immediately. But the endocrinological pathology will have to be sought with a doctor of the corresponding specialization already after discharge from the hospital.

Sometimes during pregnancy, edema appearsbecause of varicose veins. And the problem remains after the birth of the child. The initial stages of varicose veins are helped by compression. Medications are practically ineffective. In severe situations, an operation is performed - remove the affected vein or do sclerotherapy. The first operation is rather traumatic, and the second requires special skill of the surgeon.

If the matter is only in physiology, then get rid offrom swelling of the legs after childbirth can be ordinary methods. Do not eat a lot of salt. A lot of drinking, this, by the way, and for the production of breast milk is useful. Try to move. Do not sit and stand for a long time. Wear comfortable shoes. Light swelling in the last weeks of pregnancy and at any other time pass, if you lie down with raised legs (put them on the pillow) or do exercises for the feet.

And whether there is among means how to remove or take off edemas afterbirth of diuretics? There is no need for them. Especially considering the fact that they will affect the baby, which is fed by breast milk. A nursing woman in general is undesirable to take any means of official or traditional medicine without extreme need.