Swelling of the feet during pregnancy

Puffiness usually manifests itself in the third trimester. The woman starts to notice that at the end of the day the foot changes its size, the tingling and tension are felt in the legs. Than swelling is terrible.

During pregnancy, a woman's weight increasestimes. More than half of the "new weight" gives water. The fluid is retained in virtually all tissues, in connective tissue and fatty tissue. Doctors divide edemata into accompanying with any diseases (for example, heart or kidneys), physiological (after a tiring walk), pathological and edema as a result of varicose veins.

The push to exacerbate varicose disease givesincrease in the body of progesterone. Such edema is characterized by soreness and enlarged painful knots along the veins. You will have to resort to wearing a special compression jersey, more rest, throwing your feet on the wall, the back of the bed or a thick pillow.
Danger is the pathological edema, the result of which can become gestosis of pregnant women.

Swelling in pregnant women with a sick heart
In women with heart disease, edemaconcentrate in the lower part of the body. The swelling of the hands and face is not observed. Appearance of edema is usually preceded by shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, sweating and "cyanosis" above the upper lip. When examined, the gynecologist, as a rule, appoints during regular routine ultrasound examination of the fetus, as well as examination of the liver, an increase in the size of which proves the nature of the edema.

Caution, kidneys!
First, a woman and her relatives fixpuffiness of the face, swelling of the eyelids, bags under the eyes, swelling of the fingers. After that, the doctor usually ascertains an exacerbation of glomerulonephritis (an inflammatory kidney disease of an immunoallergic nature). Pyelonephritis and other urological diseases of visible edema do not give. However, if you suspect a "kidney" nature, you need to get advice from a nephrologist or urologist.

Water retention
The accumulation of water begins on the first daypregnancy. By the end of the first trimester, the pregnant woman notices that the skin has become loose, and the face has significantly rounded. Weight steadily creeps up. By the beginning of the third trimester a simple test - when you press your finger on the skin of the lower leg, there is a fossa that turns white and does not immediately restore the shape. This is a clear sign of the presence of edema of pregnant women.

«The First Bells»
At night, the liquid is evenly distributed throughouttissues of the body, for a day flows down to the ankles. So, by the end of the day you have shredded shoes, hardly removes the engagement ring, and the weight gain for the past week exceeds the prescribed 300 grams. Well, you're at risk. As a diagnostic, compare the amount of liquid consumed and released by the body per day. Normally, your kidneys should bring out at least ¾ of the fluids in a day. It is believed that the rest of the liquid is released in the form of sweat and breathing.

Physiological edema associated with usein the food of salty foods, hot weather and prolonged physical exertion are not considered dangerous for pregnant women. After a long walk, be sure to please the legs with a contrast shower, and yourself with rest with raised legs (above the body level). Edema will disappear. To sleep, if there are no problems with the heart, it is better on the left side, since this position facilitates the work of the kidneys and promotes the dynamic passage of urine through the urinary tract.

This terrible word - "dropsy"
The diagnosis of "dropsy" is made with an increase in weightbody to 20 kg and permanent edema. This initial form of gestosis. Treatment requires, but is easily adjusted. It is important not to allow the jump in blood pressure, the appearance of protein in the urine. With these symptoms, the physician can ascertain the threat to the fetus. The next "bell" can be an increase in the circumference of the ankle joint by 1 cm and more within a week indicates a fluid retention in the body. Dropsy and nephropathy (when added to the edema protein in the urine and high blood pressure) - the first stages of gestosis. The next can be pre-eclampsia, when the nephropathy can identify unfavorable symptoms from the ocular fundus and the brain. And, in the neglected case, the development of eclampsia (convulsions), which provokes the accelerated "aging" of the placenta and fetal hypoxia. Treatment, as a rule, is prescribed in the second stage of the disease, that is, with the appearance of protein in the urine and increased pressure.

Prevention of edema
From the first day of pregnancy, take as a ruledrink at least one and a half liters of water. Another half a liter you will get from no less than mandatory fruits, vegetables and soups. For the time of pregnancy should be abandoned sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, herring.
The amount of salt is reduced if possible - notmore than 2 grams per day (pinch). Well, if a number of dishes (porridge, fish, side dishes) cook without salt. As a dressing for salads you can use soy or any other sauce.
If, despite the measures taken, the weight increasesuneven, and the skin became flaccid and flabby, reduce the amount of liquid drunk per day to a liter. Try to drink before dinner, reducing the amount drunk before bed. Further reduction of the consumed liquid can lead to a metabolic disorder.
Supplement the diet with products that help strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
No more than one intake in 2-3 days, drink kidney tea or decoction of field horsetail.

Calculation of consumed liquid
The greatest difficulty is the calculation of the volumethe liquid contained in the fruit. Just weigh the fruit before use. Take as a basis the actual mass of fruit. That is, if an apple weighs about 200 grams, then to the calculated amount of consumed liquid, you can safely add 200 ml.

Treatment of edema during pregnancy
Treatment of edema is carried out in a hospital, undercontrol of physicians. Self-medication can not be done, as this can aggravate the situation. Pregnant daily, several times a day measure pressure, every 2-3 days, a urinalysis is performed.
Also recommend to sleep at least 10 hours,avoid stress, exclude salt, restrict mineral water (because it also contains sodium ions). No spicy or spicy food that causes thirst. It is not bad once a week to arrange a fasting day - an apple day (1.5 kg of apples), curd (800 grams of cottage cheese + 500 ml of water), kefir (1.5 liters of kefir). At the end of the summer, you can eat watermelon and melons throughout the day off. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing not to get poisoned.
Edema is dangerous for an infant oxygeninsufficiency and a decrease in the nutrients supplied to it. The task of the doctors is to maximize the blood circulation of the pregnant woman so that the baby can eat well, track the metabolism so that the toxins and toxins are removed from the mother's body in a timely manner and normalize the woman's pressure so that the baby does not lack oxygen.

From the middle of the third trimester, the appearance of edemanotes every second pregnant woman. They are associated with increased uterine pressure on the ureters. It is important to exclude the possibility of stagnation of urine, as this can provoke an inflammatory process in the body. A woman must visit the toilet at the first urge. In the rest - you should not worry. A couple of weeks and the problem with swelling will disappear by itself.

Happy pregnancy and easy delivery!

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