Remove swelling from the feet quickly

30. Camilla about Furosimide! | | 12.01.2010, 09:40:43 [2710116469]

Edematous syndrome with CHF II-III st. cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease (including on the background of nephrotic syndrome); acute CH (pulmonary edema), cerebral edema, hypertensive crisis (alone or in combination with other antihypertensive drugs), arterial hypertension (severe course), hypercalcemia; carrying out forced diuresis in case of poisoning with chemical compounds, kidneys being excreted unchanged; eclampsia.

I advise you to read: contraindications and side effects))

31. a guest | | 06/06/2011, 23:22:03 [846915494]

Girls! The same problem was, I read about furosemide - a smart remedy, only now the problem is how to not get hooked on it. piled salted fish with beer, eyes, pens, legs - a terrible thing. because of the long-standing love for salty and smoked for the night already in the course about herbal diuretics such as cranberry leaves, but they did not help, well. maybe one more time you go to the toilet, but hopes - a whole bunch. climbed the sites, found infu about furosemide, risking, and understanding what the risk - drank at night, as soon as she read, almost an hour waited for the effect, and when she waited - another three hours ran to the toilet at intervals of 10 to 30 minutes, with The liquid soon became not yellow, it was completely transparent. when I got up the next morning, I had not seen such thin fingers, legs, and such huge eyes for a long time, even when it seemed to me that I did not go too far with food and drink for the night. now I think how this luxurious effect will not go away and how to force myself to forget about furosemide, because the fact that so quickly and effectively acts by definition can not harm the body

32. catherine | | 21.10.2011, 16:10:54 [1426343761]

if you want to forget about furosemide read on the Internet articles on how it affects the risk of developing kidney cancer I think after that you immediately perehochetsya drink it

33. Margo | | 15.04.2012, 13:54:41 [924762552]

Pregnancy is often accompanied by a numberDiscomfortable phenomena are amenable to correction with timely access to a doctor. Part will be resolved on their own, some require auxiliary therapy. In particular, the problem of edema is a frequent phenomenon requiring treatment to a doctor. The swelling of the pregnant can have a different degree of severity. The cause of the development of edema is a violation of the hormonal background of women, water-salt balance, as well as anatomical and physiological changes in the body of women with a temporary nature. Often during pregnancy, the condition of the veins of the lower extremities worsens. In addition to the increased burden on the legs, blood stagnation occurs in the vessels of the lower limbs due to the increase in the size of the uterus and mechanical compression of the vessels in the pelvic region + concomitant biochemical and hormonal changes in the body. The consequence of these processes is a feeling of heaviness, swelling, the appearance of a vascular network. If you notice swelling for the first time, immediately consult your doctor, as swelling can be a sign of more serious complications of pregnancy.

Serious complications of pregnancy, phenomenon, gloryGod, not frequent. And most likely you are recommended to follow a special diet with restriction of salt, liquids, it is possible to wear compression linen (the degree of compression is chosen by a doctor!) The remedy is unique by combining classical ingredients and components of oriental medicine known for several thousand years. Cream for the prevention of vascular diseases of the lower extremities of Lili and Cevi de Luxe is a well-known Czech manufacturer of products for maintaining health? Simply You Pharmaceuticals? can be used for a long time, 2-3 times a day to rub with massage movements from the periphery to the center, combined with wearing compression linen. Naturally, the cream is recommended not only for pregnant women, but for all family members.

34. mouse | | 07/21/2012, 00:14:32 [3454229464]

on fd to sit down ochchchen it is easy, you begin"tie" with him-puffiness is even greater than before him, weight returns very quickly. In the long-term admission, fainting (pressure lowers), muscle cramps (and the heart is also a muscle), stuffiness of the ears. In short, if not a cemetery, the nephrologic department Personal experience.

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