Swelling of the legs before childbirth

In the cinema club SiberiaDOC French April! The Cinema Club SiberiaDOC starts working in the House of Cinema. Twice a month we will watch and discuss documentary films. You can see not only the novelties, but also the pictures that have become the classics of documentary films.

Roads in 169 yards of Irkutsk will be repaired in 2016 The roads in 169 yards of Irkutsk will berefurbished in 2016. This was announced by the deputy mayor and the chairman of the city administration committee of the Irkutsk administration, Yevgeny Drokov, as part of a retreat held by the Irkutsk mayor, Dmitry Berdnikov

"Battle of experts" from the DNS "Frau Technika" in Irkutsk in April - get a prize for free! DNS and "Frau Technika" distribute household appliances for free! April round! Just write us about your experience of "communicating" with the "device" you received, and it will be yours!

Lifts in Irkutsk city perinatal center will be repaired before the beginning of summer Repair of elevators in the Irkutsk city perinatal center will be carried out in the near future.

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