Edema on the feet in the morning

Swelling in the morning is usually caused by a delay inthe body of excess fluid. Edema provides physical, sometimes serious discomfort, and distorts the pleasant aesthetic perception of a person. This can serve as a signal, informing either about the presence of the disease, or about the need to change the way of life. In any case, do not leave it without attention, because even the most innocent deviations can develop into chronic diseases. As in any other case, timely diagnosis is very important if there is such a sign of illness as excessive puffiness.

Swelling in the morning of fingers, hands, eyes usuallyindicate problems with the liver. In this case, there may be problems with putting on the ring, the fingers are bent with difficulty. Although a slight minimal edema, indicating that the evening ring is easier to wear than in the morning, sometimes does not talk about health problems. It's just a feature of the body.

A print of clothing or a bed on the face speaks of unhealthy kidneys, when they do not filter out excessively watery well enough. Moreover, the urological system as a whole can also often be affected.

Cardiovascular diseases cause stagnationfluid in the leg area. Pallor with a cyanotic shade in combination with swelling is caused by vascular disease. In this case, similar problems with swelling of the legs can be observed and with problems with the kidneys, their insufficient work, as well as the presence of hypertension. that is again increased pressure in the capillaries.

An illness can be caused by an allergic reaction, an improper diet. The most widespread and dangerous allergic reaction is the most famous Quincke edema.

Do not be afraid of such swelling, whichoccurs in a very hot time or after a hard work. It's just a signal that you need to rest. However, with the constant appearance of swelling, even against these conditions, you should still consult a doctor. If it becomes difficult for you to walk, you have to purchase shoes for a bigger size - without hesitation, contact the doctor.

Swelling in the morning is sometimes strongdiscomfort. To get rid of them, check the amount of salt used in your diet. The optimal amount is no more than 3-5 grams. Exclude smoked products, canned food. Give preference to apples, carrots, oranges, watermelon. Dine at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. Do not drink plenty of water at night. Useful broths of herbs: immortelle, plantain, milk thistle. At home, clean up the face with plastic cooling gel masks. Applying this mask to the eyelids for a few minutes, you will quickly cope with swelling. They are well prepared for the night in a freezer. If you do not have a professional tool at hand, gently rub the skin with an ice cube. It can be prepared in advance, from the marigold or sage. Traditional medicine advises a proven tool - a mask of sour cream with dill or potatoes, cooked with skin. They further soften tired skin.

If you are a woman, and often go on highheels, and you begin to worry about the swelling of the legs - a high heel should be avoided. This may indicate the onset of varicose veins. First, edemas will begin, then the capillary mesh will increase and pain will begin. As a preventive measure, do not sit cross-legged, walk more often, and make refreshing compresses at home, throwing your legs above your head.

In case of swelling due to incorrect imagelife can only be recommended more often in the open air, get enough sleep, go to bed on time and do not sit up in front of the computer monitor, engage in physical education, even if it's easy.

When diagnosed, the doctor may advise youtaking diuretics, as well as means that reduce blood pressure, as well as on the basis of a diuretic effect. For example, adelphan. In parallel, local funds, some ointments, for example, cooling or strengthening on the basis of chestnut, may be prescribed. Perhaps, if the reason lies in the capillary level, you will be given various vitamins that strengthen the walls of the vessels from the inside, such as rutin, ascorbic acid. There is another paradox in the treatment of edemas - the use of more pure water.

It should be understood that swelling is not a disease,which should be treated, but just a symptom that signals the presence of any disease. Therefore, if you eliminate parallel cosmetic defect visual effects or cooling, you should not forget to take care of an imminent visit to the doctor who will find out the reasons for excessive puffiness.

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