Swelling of the ankle joint treatment with folk remedies

Home treatment of the ankle joint: folk recipes

In modern life,motor apparatus take second place after hypertension. Particularly vulnerable in this respect are the ankle joints. they account for the bulk of the body.

In the recent past, these diseases were correlated with the elderly. In our time, the pathology of the ankle becomes younger with each generation.

Consider what kinds of ankle joint diseases can occur, what are their causes and the main symptoms:

This is a collective diagnosis of inflammatory joint diseases, the causes of which are a variety of factors - from infectious agents to autoimmune reactions.

Their common symptom is inflammatorya process that is accompanied by swelling, pain, increased body temperature - both local and whole body. Incorrect or untimely initiated treatment of arthritis is fraught with increased inflammatory reaction, development of deformation processes and complete loss of joint mobility.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic progressiveAnkle disease, the cause of which is the destruction of the cartilaginous layer. As a result, the joint loses its natural mobility, the bones begin to slowly deform, leading to stiffness. The main symptom is pain.

The diagnosis is made only afterX-ray examination, t. the nature of pain, its frequency and intensity varies, and is not an objective indicator. Factors provoking the development of arthrosis are large physical exertion, improper body position, metabolic disturbances and even bad habits (in particular, smoking). Treatment of this disease - a long.

Bursitis is an inflammation of the ankle joint bag, accompanied by accumulation of pathological exudates.

  • The causes of bursitis can be injuries, overweight, deformities of the foot, etc.
  • The inflammatory process is accompanied by severe pain, a noticeable swelling, a palpable fluid swelling during palpation.

Sprain of the ankle joints

Stretching of the ankle is a ligament injury, characterized by acute pain, swelling, and sometimes a local increase in body temperature.

It is characterized by partial displacement of bones, accompanied by symptoms of an inflammatory reaction - swelling, pain, discoloration of the skin.

In ankle injuries, the muscular tissues surrounding the joint are affected, painful sensations occur, the site of the injury can become swollen, and bruises can cause bruises.

Folk Ankle Treatment: Home Remedies and Recipes

Modern medicine offers a wide choicemedicines for the treatment of ankle diseases. But the effectiveness of therapy is repeatedly increased if the methods of official medicine are combined with folk remedies and physiological procedures, as well as nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

Treatment of arthritis of the ankle by folk remedies

  • To quickly remove pain and improveblood circulation in the affected joint, folk medicine advises to wrap the ankle at night with burdock leaves, in the spring - the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother, in the winter - the leaves of cabbage.
  • Well warm up and relieve inflammation of flax seeds. Warm and folded in a bag of cotton cloth, they are applied to the inflamed area.
  • Effectively warm up the ankle, thereby facilitating the inflammatory process, ordinary mustard plasters that last for 15-20 minutes, and then wrap the joint with a woolen cloth.

Only it is necessary to remember - all procedures related to warming up can not be done during the acute course of the disease.

Treatment of arthrosis of the ankle joint

For the treatment of arthrosis in folk medicine, the burdock prevails.

  • The burdock leaves must be crushed into gruel, cover the sick ankle, wrap it with a whole burdock leaf and warm it.

Mother - nature has in its bins a wholearsenal of medicinal plants that promote the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue. These are birch leaves, dandelion root, horsetail grass, thyme grass, saber herb, willow bark.

  • Decoctions or infusions of these herbs (preferably, separatelyfrom each other), cooked according to the traditional scheme - 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of boiling water, should be taken 2-3 times a day by courses from 14 to 21 days, with 1-2 months interruptions.
  • The criterion for the duration of the course of treatment and the interruption between treatments are subjective sensations-the weakening or strengthening of pain, the improvement or deterioration of joint mobility.

Treatment of sprain in the ankle joint

When stating this diagnosis, the first thing to do is to ensure complete immobility of the joint.

  • One of the effective means is applying to the injured joint gruel from raw potatoes.

You can attach a slurry of crushed aloe leaf:

  • Hold until the mass has heated, then remove this mixture, and replace it fresh.
  • Aloe juice multiplies the regenerative processes many times, this method is good in case it is necessary to quickly overcome the disease.

There is a very simple way to literally a couple of days to remove swelling and pain - this is a vodka compress:

  • Any cotton fabric impregnated with vodka, wrapped around the diseased joint, superimposed cellophane, and all this is insulated with a woolen bandage.

Treatment of ankle bursitis

As in the previous case, treatment of bursitis requires complete rest for the inflamed joint.

  • At this time, compresses from herbs with anti-inflammatory action are applied to the sore spot-these are infusions of chamomile flowers, yarrow, burdock root, St. John's wort, linden flowers.
  • Herb infusion is cooled to a temperature of 45 degrees, and is applied to the affected area. If the pain is severe, then in this case the warm and cold compresses alternate.

When bursitis is recommended intake of the following mixture:

  • in 250 ml of warm water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  • This mixture should be drunk for a day in 2-3 hours.
  • If the disease is chronic, the duration of admission is 2-3 weeks.

Treatment of ankle dislocation

  • Traditional medicine in this case offers a mixture of crushed onions and sugar, in a proportion of 1:10.
  • The mixture is applied overnight and fixed.

An effective remedy for dislocation is a compress made of tansy flowers:

  • It is prepared by infusing 3 tablespoons of flowers in 200 ml of boiling water for an hour.
  • Then the finished solution is impregnated with any natural fabric, on top wrapped with compress paper.

Treatment of ankle bruises

  • For centuries, the proven method is applying a plantain leaf to the bruised place.
  • A good remedy are warm soothing baths every night. Their composition should include decoctions of herbs, such as the herb of St. John's wort, the leaf of the mother and stepmother, the birch buds.

Universal methods used for all inflammatory diseases of the ankle

  • This procedure allows not only to improve blood circulation in the inflamed area, but also promotes better absorption of drugs used locally.
  • The only contraindication to the massage is an acute period of the disease, characterized by intense pain.

Local baths of essential oils of cedar, pine, fir

  • To do this, 3 to 5 drops of essential oil is diluted in 2 tablespoons of sea salt, milk or honey, and this mixture is added to a bath with warm water.
  • Take such baths 10-15 minutes.

Baths made of paraffin and ozocerite

  • Miraculously heal the joints of a bath of paraffin and ozocerite.
  • The temperature should not exceed 45 degrees.

What should be done to avoid ankle joint diseases:

  • All people who have reached adulthood shouldto revise their menu in favor of increasing the products containing cartilage and collagen in it. These products are various meat and fish filling dishes, fruit jelly, seafood.
  • Limit salt intake and increase the amount of clean water you drink. And if this water is infused with silicon or shungite, then this is generally the best option.
  • It is necessary to limit products containing oxalic acid - canned tomatoes and pepper, sorrel, spinach, spicy seasonings.
  • It is necessary to adjust the body weight all the time - excess weight will not slow down reflect on the "well-being" of the ankle.
  • The aggravation of the course of the disease of the joints is the use of alcoholic beverages and smoking, therefore, these habits must be disposed of.
  • In order to maintain the integrity of bone tissue, it is necessary to increase the intake of foods high in calcium.
  • An important role is played by the selection of shoes, which should be comfortable, warm, on the heel of the optimal height.

But, in any case, it is necessary to remember - if the measures taken do not lead to an improvement in the condition and the disease progresses, then this is a mandatory reason for a visit to an experienced trauma doctor.