Edema after laser removal of condylomas

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  • During the treatment of genital warts, spirits and narcotic substances negatively affect the quality of treatment of genital warts and healing after the removal of genital warts.

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    I was removed into the vagina of condyloma by chemicalmethod. For the second week, everything is healing. the doctor said that everything is normal for this stage, after complex treatment he prescribed Acyclovir-Acry ointment and Acyclovir tablets. Began to use ointment and bleeding appeared. And as with ordinary menstruation. But before the months are still far away! And today clots have started coming out. The doctor said that I could touch the recovering vessel. That's why you need to wait. Did you have something similar?

    And you do not know what the submucosal takes overimmune function? About the anal tonsil, you probably have not heard? If you remove all these protective layers, then it will be a wide entrance gate for almost any infection! And HPV, I believe, is still under the pressure of the immune system.

    And what, you, in fact, are leading. ))) It turns out that it is better not to remove the condylomas, or how? There is no protective edema of the stroma with simple condylomas. Lymphoid tissues are located throughout the body. They are not considered an excuse to refuse surgical intervention. The submucosal layer regenerates very quickly, small losses of the function are easily compensated.

    In case the cambium is removed there will be nothing to regenerate! There will be swelling in the stroma in any case.

    My friend relapses his condyloma 4 times after coagulation with an ultrasonic scalpel, he has choked / m cycloferon and took acylovir, but nothing helps. What to do?

    Recurrence of genital warts after theirremoval is a frequent occurrence. Condyloma is not a disease, but only its (disease) manifestation. In your case, you will need an individual selection of drugs using the method of pulsohmoindication, i.e. drugs that are right for you. This is the only possibility of treating the disease and, as a consequence, getting rid of relapses of genital warts.

    I received a course of treatment for genital warts, until the new year, and moreon the prothesis of the moth appeared, but for half a year already. It was necessary to undergo a second examination but did not pass. Tell me, please, is there a possibility of their re-growth?

    Recurrence of genital warts is possible. Moreover, the growth of genital warts is possible in places not available for self-diagnosis. Therefore, you need to undergo a second examination. If the growth of genital warts is not observed and there are no other manifestations (discharge, pain, fatigue, low temperature), then you can congratulate - you are healthy.

    I have got condylomas in the groin arealiterally for two days, I immediately went to the doctor and the operation was done to me a week after the "birth" of the condyloma. I pierced the allokin before surgery, removed the laser. Allokin no longer pricked - expensive, I use epigen gel. In place of condyloma some swelling. On condylomas is not very similar, the doctor says, I have them no more, but what is it then? Or a tumor like after a burn? Sometimes it itches, but not as it was before the operation. So it should be?

    It's hard to say what happened after the deletiongenital warts and what's with you now. Perhaps deep tissue damage after laser exposure + individual sensitivity - can only guess. In our center, the treatment of genital warts is different.

    Hello the doctor, I have removed condylomas aroundanus already 10 days have passed or made I do or make baths with a camomile and I use ointment that the doctor has registered but where to me cauterized syrgidron very much shchipet in a toilet on the big walks I can not be sick very much, I can not sit sad and to lay too I drink anaesthetized painfully all the same I can not sleep and in an anus To what to do or make as from a pain to get rid I ask you very painfully advise what to do or make that she did not cover and did not hurt or be ill; be sick?