How to remove venous leg edema

Swelling of the feet - unless they are caused by heart diseaseor kidneys - can be eliminated on their own. One of the most effective agents for the treatment of leg edema in chronic venous insufficiency are venotonics - drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and stimulate microcirculation. However, let's look at the problem of edema and their treatment in more detail.

How to remove leg swelling: lifestyle changes

Swelling of the feet, invariably arising from chronicvenous insufficiency, can significantly decrease with the correction of lifestyle. In addition to taking medications, first you need to normalize your body weight and declare a fight against constipation. Excess kilograms exacerbate puffiness, and constipation provokes venous congestion in the pelvis and worsen the outflow of venous blood.

It is noteworthy that after walking the swollen legsusually expressed less than after prolonged sitting or standing. This is due to the fact that the contraction of the leg muscles during walking "disperses" the blood - that is, it prevents stagnation. Often after dinner, especially in the evening, it may be difficult for a person to put on those shoes that were fit in the morning. Therefore, adherence to the rule "it's better to walk than to stand, to lie better than to stand" helps to cope with the swelling of the legs that occur in the afternoon. As for walking, it is necessary to provide maximum comfort to the feet: wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes made of artificial skin increases venous stasis. Do not always wear shoes with high heels - give priority to shoes at low speed.

To relieve fatigue and puffiness swelling of the legs inthe second half of the day should be for 10 -15 minutes to give the legs an elevated position. Sleep is also desirable, "hoisted" for the whole night the feet on the dais from a pillow or rolled rollers blanket. With edema of the legs and heaviness, the feet on the shin are treated with cooling creams, which are indicated for chronic venous insufficiency (for example, based on a chestnut or heparin extract).

How to remove swelling of the legs: special underwear

For the prevention of swelling is recommended to wearCompression stockings (stockings, knee socks) or bandage feet with elastic bandages. The effect of compression linen is as follows: squeezing the shin, tights squeeze and veins of the legs - this prevents their stretching, venous stasis and the transition of fluid into the tissues in the form of edema. They need to be worn constantly - like ordinary tights or stockings. If the "special underwear" causes discomfort, hovers, or simply does not go along with it, wear it at least on the days when you have a long standing (sitting) in one place or considerable physical exertion. It is important to remember that wearing compression tights is necessary from the very morning, still lying in bed, and, pulling them, it should be in the horizontal position for another 15 minutes.

Pregnant women with edema shouldalso wear a bandage - it supports the uterus and reduces pressure on the large vessels of the abdominal cavity, thereby improving the outflow of blood from the lower half of the body. The effect of compression underwear also has some physiotherapy methods. True, they can not be carried out at home.

How to remove swelling of the feet by means of venotonic drugs

Eliminate edema quickly, effectively and simply byIn fact, it is possible only with the help of venotonic drugs, which strengthen the walls of the vessels and stimulate microcirculation. However, modern drugs will be effective in eliminating edema: they have in their basic mechanisms of action at the same time. This allows these venotonics to quickly and effectively remove foot fatigue, swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. It is important that the composition of these venotonics include natural active ingredients. The course of modern venotonics allows you to get rid of leg swelling for a long time.

The drug Cyclo-3-Fort is modernhighly effective and safe venotonic. Cyclo-3-fort is unique in that it meets all the basic requirements of patients suffering from edema of the legs due to venous insufficiency. The uniqueness of the drug lies in the fact that its composition includes three active substances that have a beneficial effect on the state of the vessels - prickle. hyperspace and ascorbic acid. In addition to the fact that these active substances themselves arethemselves are powerful tools that strengthen and protect the walls of blood vessels, as part of a single drug, all three components in complement and enhance the therapeutic effect of each other.

The active substance of the drug Cyclo-3-fort - prickle - has a dual venotonic action: on the one hand, it acts directly on the wall of the vessels, and on the other hand it facilitates the release of vasoconstrictor substances. The double effect of the needle increases not only the effectiveness of the drug, but also the speed of the onset of the effect - it comes already 2 hours after taking the capsule Cyclo-3-fort.

Cyclo-3-fort has a more pronounced anti-edematous action in comparison with other venotonics: this drug to a greater extent reduces the permeability of capillaries due to the presence of hemperedin methylhalcone. Simply put, this component hindersspread of edema. The content of methylcalkone hypesperdin within the Cyclo-3-fort is several times higher than in other venotonicks, so this drug effectively fights with edema.

Safety and effectiveness Cyclo-3-forthas been proved by numerous clinical studies. In addition, the Cyclo-3-fort is thoroughly researched, and this allows you to assign it even to pregnant women, since this drug does not have a negative effect on the course of pregnancy and on the fetus.

Cyclo-3-fort is prescribed for 2-3 capsules per day(the capsules are swallowed without chewing, and washed down with a glass of water) from 5-7 days to several weeks, or even months (depending on the severity of the disease). It is noteworthy that after taking the drug the therapeutic effect manifests itself after 2 hours. This allows you to quickly get rid of swelling, heaviness and tired legs.

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