Edema of the legs in cancer patients

Panacea? And yet, the growth of the tumor can be stopped!

After the publication of my material in "Poradnits?"I received more than 140 letters, I told many patients about the treatment with my method.I start with the facts.So a patient with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, stage 4 with a tumor of 15 cm, swelling of the legs and chest after my treatment (today it's already been the third year) feels behaving well, doing all the housework at home in the village. "The tumor diminished and was not probed.

The patient with the diagnosis of "breast cancer" wasan operation was performed, but after a few months, hardening appeared in another mammary gland. The state of health deteriorated, the woman was preparing for the next operation. After my treatment, my health improved much after half a year.

After the publication in "Poradnitz?"Among other letters came a letter from Valentina S. from Volhynia, whose mother also had ovarian cancer with metastases to other organs, several times discharged fluid from the abdomen, the general condition was extremely unsatisfactory, there was no hope of recovery. By my method, after 2.5 months, the tumor was not revealed by ultrasound examination. Now the woman feels completely well and tells how she cured other patients with a similar diagnosis.
I want to explain the meaning of the treatment I offer, so that the patients believe in this method and be cured. It is generally available and does not require large expenditures.

I assert that the cause of oncological diseases is a fungus, which is afraid of the environment and antifungal agents: metronidozole (trichopolum) and tinidozole. And therefore I propose the following treatment:
Metronidozole (Trichopolum) 0.25 - 3 tablets eachthree times a day for three consecutive days, the fourth day - one three times a day. The course needs 30 tablets. And such courses in the beginning of treatment should be at least 5-7 with breaks between them 2-4 days. Tablets washed down with a decoction of "marigolds" (calendula) - 50-70 flowers per 1 liter of water, boil for 3-4 minutes and insist. This broth is desirable to drink during the treatment and instead of water. Tablets can not be chewed, washed down with a decoction and immediately eat the first or second course.

After 7 such courses take a breakfor 3-4 days and take 10 g of tinidozole according to the scheme: 1 tablet (0.5 g.) in the morning and in the evening. Next, you should take a break for a month and then take metronidozole according to the scheme: 1 tablet in the morning, 2 tablets for lunch, 3 tablets in the evening. The course should be 30 tablets, and such courses should be held 3-5. Then take a break for a year, after which you again spend 3-5 courses of treatment with metronidozole. At the end of the second and third year from the beginning of treatment, these courses need to be repeated. It's taken from my personal experience. Now every now and then, when there is pain, I take 5-8 tablets of metronidozole, and the pain calms down (this has already been going on for 14 years).

Because the fungus that caused the appearancetumors, die in an acidic environment, I recommend that patients even more oxidize their body with the help of a warm 9% vinegar and a certain meal. When warming, the tumor begins to soften, its blood supply improves. But the blood in this case is sufficiently saturated with metronidozole and acid and has a disastrous effect on the fungus itself, which is contained in the tumor. It's like a fisherman comes to a pond and is going to feed the fish with worms. But in fact, he has a completely different goal with regard to fish. Therefore, every day should be sure to wipe the entire body, except the head, warm vinegar from 6 to 10 times. After wiping it is necessary to put a compress from warm vinegar on the sick site (not only on a sore spot). For example, if uterine, ovarian or bladder cancer is diagnosed, then put the compress on the entire abdomen, and if the cancer of the breast or lungs is on the entire thorax.

If possible, take a daily bath ofcalculation 1.-2 liters. 9% vinegar per bucket of water. This acidified water can be used repeatedly, adding in due course fresh vinegar. The compress should be kept until the vinegar starts to pluck the skin (10-30 min), and lie in the bathroom - until the water is warm enough. Well, if in the summer you can substitute a painful place for the sun, in the winter - sit down so that the door of the stove, in which the fire burns, is open. A sore place needs to be warmed up and immediately apply a compress to it.

It is desirable to eat up to two lemons dailyor pickled apples, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and pickle from them. You can alternate them: today - lemon, tomorrow pickled apples, etc. Acidic foods eat as much as the stomach takes. On an empty stomach, drink 50-100 ml. a sacred silver cross of water.

I advise you to use the same sifted porkfat from the "s-tki" (we have oz.) for 1-2 teaspoons a day with some food or bread. It is good to eat 1-2 spoons of salad every day from boiled red buryak three times a day, adding salt, butter, garlic or lemon pulp to taste. It is worth using from the first days of treatment raw lard (a piece the size of as a matchbox) with a clove of garlic, and then gradually within a week the amount of garlic to increase to 1-1,5 heads per day. Garlic can be consumed with different food and bread. If the body takes this normally, then continue to do this until 3-4 weeks.

In the case where the pancreas is affected,liver and kidneys, it is worth consulting with a doctor and find the best option for oxidation of the body and taking trichopolum (metronidozole) in conjunction with dietary nutrition in the first 2-3 months of treatment.

While there is intensive treatment, the patient can notthere is something that promotes the growth of the fungus and the growth of the tumor, - dairy products, except for well-sour milk, and whey from it. Just do not eat sweets, fried, drinks that contain alcohol, even in small quantities.

For convalescents, dangerous physical work is very dangerous, which can reduce the effect of treatment to naught.

It is interesting that the increaseradioactive contamination of soil in settlements after Chernobyl does not converge with an increase in the incidence of oncological diseases. This leads to serious meditation.

In some patients, when they start takingmedications, appetite disappears, nausea appears, and in this regard, they may be disappointed in the treatment. If the temperature rises or if there are rashes on the body, take a break in taking the pills for 5-7 days and continue with the treatment. I indicated doses for adults weighing 60-80 kg.

My ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and various nodular formations in it, breast cancer, intestinal cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer are well treatable by my method.

Naturally, it is not possible to give guaranteesrecovery of the patient, in whom the disease is seriously neglected and the work of many organs is disrupted. However, I know the fact when a man was discharged from the oncology dispensary to die, and he still lives and works. I think that if a patient is treated this method at least a month and a half and fate will give him 2-3 more months of life, then he already has hope for recovery.

In order to prevent cancer, I advise you to use as much as possible sour apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and pickle from them. This is a very simple recipe, and the consequences are excellent.

I hope that thanks to enthusiastic doctors my method will develop, supplement, and will give an opportunity to save cancer patients. May God bless all those who need this help.

Nikolay Klimchuk, the doctor.
Those who are interested in my method can write to me at the address: 34705, p. New Korets Koretsky district of Rovenky region. ul. Mira, 12.