Cirrhosis of the liver swelling of the legs

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Question 2009-01-07 11:19:22
liver cyst. How much can you live with this?


Hepatitis passes into cirrhosis for 7-20 years.Prie malokolya accelerates these terms. This is all that I can tell you. When confirming the diagnosis of cirrhosis, alcohol is strictly forbidden, otherwise you are driving yourself into the grave. Excuse me.

Transplantation is a radical method of treatment. But if this operation is performed by the patient it is impossible for various reasons to resort to consensual methods of treatment.

with liver cerose can be removed zolotny
With a compensated form, it is possible and also possiblepoeratsiya for urgent indications for inflammation, destruction of the gallbladder, peritonitis. mechanical jaundice. But in parallel it is necessary to conduct a very active conservative treatment with hepatoprotectors.

if a person is yellow
There are several reasons. Mechanical jaundice (concrements, stricture, swelling), parenchymal jaundice (hepatitis viral, toxic, cirrhosis). It is necessary to carry out diagnostics and examination.

viral hepatitis, the swelling of the legs
It may not be about hepatitis, but about cirrhosis. To do this, a biopsy or fibroscanization of the liver should be made and come to a consultation. All the studies can be done at the clinic.

здравствуйте моей маме 50 лет 3 months agobegan to dilute the stomach in the hospital was lying said that the accumulated free zhitkost, zatkoste found the cancer cells seem to have become smaller and bumpy advise those that do in advance thanks
There may be either cirrhosis or oncology of the primarygenesis (hepatocarcinoma - a tumor of the liver) or due to metastases. Then it is necessary to look for the main tumor location. If it is a case of a malignant neoplasm, then I can not help you. It is possible to send for treatment to Israel, Germany or our oncology centers. If cirrhosis, then help It is possible and necessary. Everything depends on the neglect of the situation and our possibilities.

Well, my husband has chronic pancreatitis.and a month ago they treated the abscess but then they started to get water into the lungs and the stomach keeps the temperature did the tomography there is a suspicion of cyst as it could be a stage
There may be cirrhosis and pancreatic necrosis and oncology.Data of oncomarkers, tomography can help to clarify the diagnosis. To clarify whether it is cirrhosis or not, a biopsy or fibroscanization of the liver should be performed. Then, after consultation, I can say so our help will be effective.

list of products that can be used for liver cerosis
You'd better talk to a nutritionist. The main emphasis is on table number 5. with the exception of salty, protein foods and fluid restriction.

Good afternoon, I have hepatitis C, now swelling all overbody-legs as with elephantiasis, and the feeling that the swelling is subcutaneous, even on the lower back, the buttocks are swollen-it's hard for me to walk-it hurts for the spine. What should I do?
It has long been necessary to treat hepatitis C.Now we can talk about cirrhosis. I'm not sure. There may be a warmth and other pathology. But considering that you have hepatitis, you should perform a biopsy or elastometry on the apparatus to clarify the diagnosis. Considering that fibroscan in our clinic is already 4 years, then you you understand that you should come and consult and fibroscane in Kiev.To interpret the results of the experience is enough.

swollen feet strongly what to do
What reason? Cirrhosis, oncology, kidney problems, lymphostasis.

if the liver stopped working and the person fell into a coma as long as he had to live? The whole yellow and very swollen legs and swollen belly
I do not want to make a prediction.Some patients go from a coma and with active treatment live many years. Others with another bleeding die. Many factors work here, the quality of treatment, the cause of cirrhosis. frequency of bleeding. Compensatory capabilities of the body and the ability to provide treatment.

Whether it is possible to drink beer 2 liters every day if there is an easy or a light; a mild pain in a liver on uzi the liver is not increased to me of 28 years
It is impossible. Particularly when liver tests are still raised

I have pain in the right hypochondrium and can see a small tubercle I am 35 years old feeling pain when stretching my back and it is painful to sit crouching for a long time that it can be cirrhosis and can I drink at least beer?
If cirrhosis, then beer is prohibited.But you only need to come to the fibroscan clinic for 15-20 minutes and we will answer your question with a high percentage of accuracy. Is there a cirrhosis or not. Cirrhosis can be caused by cholestasis, steatosis of the liver, neuralgia. For a start, look at the biochemistry of the blood and ultrasound. Apply

where specialists in liver cure
Please contact us.

Hello, my mother (63 years) has cirrhosisliver, it swelled for a long time to the breast. For a month, I lay in the hospital, (swelling was removed), then the stomach bleeds began, my legs refused, they took me to the hospital. Now I'm in intensive care, a coma 1, plus another meningitis. Nobody really says anything , than it can end? How so? The doctor all the time only took off the swelling, nobody knew about cirrhosis.
Sorry for the late response. I do not have much time for the internet. I use the time to answer how it turns out. If there is another possibility, please contact.

Hello, I took the tests and I have Anti - HBcAg IgG. Tell me please, this applies to which type of hepatitis?
And is this hepatitis dangerous and to whom can I apply for a consultation? Could not answer sooner, and then I have a panic
This applies to hepatitis B. I can not go faster.I found your question by accident as the rest (and there are a lot of them). You can come to a consultation on hepatitis tomorrow, but of course by appointment. Co-ordinates on the site.

Hello, thanks in advance for the answer.My mother has an alcoholic cirrhosis. She is 74 years old. She was diagnosed last year. She stopped drinking. They treated me (hepadif intravenously). She was ascit. The appetite was good. They named Alfetin. They made 4 injections in February this year, read on the forum about this drug and was afraid to do more. But yesterday there was a liquid chair of black color. There is little or no dishonesty today. About what it says, is this all or still something you can undertake. Help. After all, they say that alcoholic cirrhosis can be stopped.
It is possible, but not easy.if the mother had a bleeding, then this is the main sign that the prognosis is difficult and unfavorable. Doctors may not have time to help. Alcohol cirrhosis is easier to treat if there is no causal factor and the patient does not return to abuse. but most importantly if the stage is less compensated. In viral hepatitis with the outcome in cirrhosis, the treatment is complicated by the side effect of interferons that are necessary to fight the virus. Therefore, the treatment is more complicated and much longer.

Hello Dad cirrhosis pumped water withabdominal cavity and like the stomach was asleep and the legs also became narmal pricked drip and injections tell whether the gravity will again be collected or not and how much it can stretch a sore spleen and the kidneys do not sleep thanks to the beginnings
ascites may appear in the next 2 weeks.but it's difficult for me to predict without knowing the patient. And about the time limit or how you said to stretch out to answer I will not. For life it is necessary to fight. If there is a possibility of restoration of the liver, then this should be done, not days count.

good afternoon! the mother's primary biliary cirrhosis, where in Russia there is a specialized clinic for the treatment of cirrhosis? thank you in advance
Probably clinic Tareeva. You write to Ukraine.

What hypoprotek the best at a hepatitis (if there is no money for therapy) ??
170 preparations approximately.
Hepa-Merts, ornithox, heptral, glutargin, ursofalk.simepar, citrarginin, phosphoglue, erbisol, legalon, Essentiale and.
Everything is selected individually.

Hello. I'm 34 years old.I have yellowing of my liver, then I'm getting normal again. I'm afraid of stones in the bile. I'm afraid of doing it. What a panic fear. Can you please tell me if I can take the stones out at home, folk remedies? If so, how? Diagnosis: Liver cirrhosis with viral HVB ​​of etiology, class B in Child Phug / Hepatolienal syndrome. Portable hypertension, decompensation. Hepatic cell failure syndrome, cholestasis. Hepatic encephaly. LCB Chronic calculous cholecystitis, in the stage of incomplete remission.
Stones are useless to excrete. Operation with decompensated cirrhosis is dangerous, because of thrombocytopenia, risk of bleeding, hypotoproteinemia, etc.
to begin with, heal the liver and try to fight the nucleoside virus. In the Internet, I will not restore this cirrhosis. It is necessary to come to the clinic.

The stage of decompensation.

The stage of decompensation.

Anti - HBcAg IgG marker of viral hepatitis B.

Question 2013-01-06 04:55:41
To my mum of 52 years, in bolbnitsu have diagnosed GEPATIT With. She from the frustration has started to drink, If she and will continue. How many live with it. About treatment and hear does not want.

Question 2013-01-21 22:59:00
they called the doctor, diagnosed liver cancer and refused kidneys, how much can this be lived with, and whether this is cured, with all the while that the man lay 2 without getting out of bed, went to the toilet in the duck?

Question 2013-01-25 23:34:22
And if the liver is destroyed, pancreas does not work (sugar 28), fluid in the abdominal cavity, bleeding in the intestines, but a very strong heart. How long can a person live?

Question 2013-01-27 21:50:02
Hello to my mother 49 diagnosis of cirrhosisalready 5 let.Analizy normalny.No recently began to dry strongly feet. the doctor says that this is the last stage. The tablets take heptral and ursosan. This means she will soon die.

Question 2013-01-31 06:26:39
What is the stage of decompensation? It's all over now.

hello, my dad has hepatitis B for 4 years andhe drank, stopped drinking 2 months ago. All the symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver appeared, the uzi showed that the liver was enlarged by six inches. What's the stage of his illness? and how much can he live?
It is difficult to judge the stage of the ultrasound described by you.In the presence of bleeding from the esophagus, encephalopathy, ascites, you can talk about the stage of decompensation, which is very difficult to treat. Given the timing of the disease, it is possible to restore the father. Also remember about hepatitis B, which, together with alcohol, helped in the development of cirrhosis. in the near future for consultation. Perhaps the success of treatment will depend on the timing of treatment.

Hello, I have a cirrhosis from my mother, how many can I live with this and can I treat it? Please tell me!
Much depends on the stage of the disease, the complications of cirrhosis and the possibility of treatment with my mother. I need an examination of the patient and only then can I talk about the prognosis and the possibility of therapy.

Question 2013-02-21 12:44:06
Earlier, ascites was driven by a diuretic now does not lend itself, but when tapping the stomach gives the sound of a full belly of the air the intestine does not start for 5 days can not go to the toilet what to do

Question 2013-03-07 14:02:38
Hello! Tell or Say pozhajlusta what nyxes it is possible to prick at home at an alcoholic Tsejroza?

Question 2013-03-18 23:18:12
Hello. Answer please! When diagnosed (Cirrhosis of the liver of the viral etiology. Hepatitis C virus "moderate"), what is the life expectancy and whether treatment is possible?

Question 2013-03-19 04:02:10
7 years ago after surgery (removal of the spleenafter a trauma) at the husband have found out a hepatitis with, 1 in. Never drank at all, did not smoke, a former sportsman, a physical education teacher. I received an antiviral. treatment. To no avail. Now fibrosis of 4 stages. cirrhosis, esophagus dilatation 1-2 st. Antiviral treatment is categorically denied. What to do? Why should we die because of negligence in hospitals? How long does he have to live? The diagnosis of "cirrhosis" was made yesterday.

Question 2013-05-06 17:04:17
hello my mamivirisny hypotitis With cerroz liver, she has yellow eyes and zivot like a drum that we do. please help us with advice

Question 2013-05-18 17:08:40
Hello! At my husband a virus hepatitis With 10 years, now to him 35, on a head there was a bald head, and on a bristle, has addressed in clinic to the known hepatologist, has handed over all analyzes, Alt, the Ast are raised or increased in times, uzi a cirrhosis has not given, and fibroskan an initial cirrhosis, began treatment with Swiss drugs, colim interferon, for 6 months. When dieting, and good treatment, is it possible to restore cells and liver functions? A week ago, they gave PCR, hepatitis C was not detected.

Question 2013-05-22 15:19:56
diagnosis, cirrhosis. The state during the day is normal, by 17.00 the temperature is 37.4, by 11.00 pm 36.8 decrease.

Question 2013-05-24 13:45:16
tell me please, what drugs help to expel fluid from the abdominal cavity.

Question 2013-06-17 17:01:27
Tell me please do not smoke cigarettes with cirrhosis?

Question 2013-06-24 17:57:03
at the husband gipatit.v23.pyet 3 years. constantly high temperature. that it can be,

Question 2013-06-24 18:42:22
zdrastvuite want to ask my mum a cirrhosis of a liver she was all yellow long time was not shown to doctors. was afraid, but still came with her legs was treated in the hospital for a week but suddenly she became worse. She lay unconscious at night. The pace was 38 doctors had nothing to do until the temperature became 40. But then the doctor said to take her to the intensive care unit. Mom was in a coma 2 days but then she died. Tell or say pozhaluista as such can be in fact she has come on treatment by the legs or foots?

Question 2013-06-27 14:40:17
zdrastvuite want to ask you. I have hepatitis with. Uzi showed that the liver had changed a little cirriotically. AST-27. ALT-20 And a year ago I was replaced by a mitral valve. Can I do antiviral therapy?

Question 2013-07-04 20:07:56
Hello, hello. my father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in the outcome of hepatitis B in art. subcompensation. varicose veins of the esophagus HBV DNA-negative. hepatitis B was cured with Zephix. is amenable to treatment.

Question 2013-07-29 14:57:41
a person has acute pancreatitis. if the liver refused and the person lies under an artificial apparatus. he will live.

Question 2013-08-01 12:05:30
I have this situation, my husband's mother is in hospital with alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, the treatment does not help, every day it gets worse and worse! What can I do?

Question 2013-08-13 09:05:19
it is possible to give birth most at a hemangioma of a liver of 10 sm in diameter?

Question 2013-08-13 22:53:38

Question 2013-10-07 00:15:13
Is it possible to eat pomegranate with cirrhosis of the liver?

Question 2013-11-06 20:22:37
Hello!I sometimes ache a bit in the right hypochondrium, 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with CHRONIC GEPOTTI. Is it possible to cure hepatitis at home, if yes, what kind of preporaty should I take?

Question 2013-11-10 13:38:11
If water is often collected in the abdomen what to do?

Question 2013-11-10 15:17:20
To me 41god cirrhosis 2goda there is a hepatitis with since 2004 to treat a virus there are no means a disability do not give everyone 3 months I lay in hospital how to be. I take phosphoglue

Question 2013-11-10 19:08:48
With autoimmune hepatitis. Cirrhosis, portal hypertension, splenomegaly. What are the chances of survival. Found out late. Or is there no chance at all?

Question 2013-11-29 08:28:27
My mother has a sharp pain in her stomach. Doctors say this is corona. In tselosche such pains happen or not.

Question 2013-12-01 19:09:37
I have never had hepatitis, but when I donated my blood, I found the following results; anti-HCV (lgGM) -3.716 what this means and how much it is dangerous what should be treated.

Question 2013-12-04 19:45:27
swollen feet no apetitis 4 days. adenoma nadnirnika. often drink water dryness in roti.rozvivaetsya sklіroz.

Question 2013-12-20 09:54:11
Liver hepherd pyelonephritis 48 years old 40 years old

Question 2014-01-15 23:55:53
Hello!!At my father (64 years) with a cirrhosis of a liver he has lived already 5 years, now at it an inflammation of lungs, yellowing is not present, puffiness too is not present, last time alcohol was used by doctors have diagnosed - an alcoholic cirrhosis of an active phase, prompt that it means and how much to it Is it left to live?

Question 2014-07-14 08:15:03
but where can I go to find out whether the disease is dead or not?

Question 2014-10-12 10:17:04
Fibros-4 (21.1) for the metavir, HTV do (3a with low virusemia since 1989, for example, PCR otrits already at the 5th week and before the 20th week of otritz), 44goda, the man's condition does not improve. Tell me whether it is possible and what chances to return it to f-2 or f-3 or f-0

Question 2014-10-25 21:20:09
my young man had a sick mother, they said. that cirrhosis, and still refused the kidneys. I was in the hospital. all asked her son to come. Here comes the son, and she almost died. But his son began to shake her, and she seemed to come to life. Question: how much she can live like this?

Question 2014-11-04 00:23:53
Alcoholic cirrhosis is liver, the last stage, water does not come out of the body, what to do and how much more people will live with such a diagnosis

Question 2014-12-07 18:03:15
Hello.To my mum of 68 years at it the liquid in lungs in righteous is collected. The diarrhea hepatitis with. Therapists speak that the liquid is typed or collected about hepatitis. The biopsy of lungs was spent by an oncology is not present and all rest purely. As to stop gathering of a liquid.

Question 2015-01-25 19:37:14
Hello.Diagnosis PBC. 66 years old. It is very bad after pumping out the fluid, the loss of energy, lack of appetite, can not speak, sleepiness. How to recover after pumping out the liquid?

Question 2015-01-28 00:34:01
czzhte pozhajlusta at my mami a herosis of a liver a hepatitis all liver in cysts oschekazhite very much I ask how much it is possible with etim to live? Thank you in advance

Question 2015-02-15 18:36:33
hello please tell me my mother layin intensive care for 6 days, the doctors only said that 1% of the 100 that will wither and asked the saw or not she drank the diagnosis did not tell us when she died the cause of death alcoholic hepatitis. tell me what operation could be done and whether there was a chance to survive?

Question 2015-02-26 15:24:09
is it possible to eat before. how to make elastometry

Question 2015-03-29 18:05:17
Hello the doctor, here 3 months it hurts underright rib, itching all over the body, especially in the evening, a strong bitter taste in the mouth, passed all the tests and uzi, everything is fine, and the pain does not go away and very much lost weight and no appetite at all, I'm very much afraid that I have a primary biliary cirrhosis . It is so, what are the tests and what is cirrhosis?

Question 2015-03-30 16:35:49
I buried my dad yesterday, cirrhosis ate him for 4 months

Question 2015-03-31 13:43:23
Pape 47, strongly pil.skali tserroz livera.appetit good, does not vomit, stool liquid yellow color. Whether we can cure cerroz? And if not then how many live with alcoholic cirrhosis?

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