Swelling of the feet after pregnancy

Interview with the chief vascular surgeon of Moscow, Professor Igor Ivanovich ZATEVAHINYM

Varicose veins are a disease of those whoin connection with the peculiarities of his work, most of the time forced to spend on his feet - hairdressers, sellers, but why go far - us, surgeons. And besides, weightlifters and pregnant women. If we talk about future mothers, then everything is simple and clear. The fetus grows in the uterus, it increases, changes the intra-abdominal pressure in the cavity of the small pelvis and worsens the blood circulation in the lower limbs - there is a so-called venous hypertension.
In the body there is a system of valves thatprovides movement of blood from the surface tissues into the interior of the body and from the periphery to the side of the heart. Without this mechanism, all the blood would drain into the lower limbs and stay there.

With venous hypertension, the pressure in the vesselsincreases. The valves try to hold it, but at some point their efforts become insufficient - the valve flaps do not close. Blood in the vessels stagnates, their walls undergo excessive pressure, excessively stretch. It is very important in this period to artificially hold the veins and valves in their natural position, and this can be done only with the help of external compression. Until recently, for this purpose, we could buy not very attractive elastic bandages in our pharmacies, but now there were very elegant compression stockings and tights designed specifically for pregnant women.

In those cases where venous hypertensiontimely is not given due importance, the disease can go to a thrombosis deep system. Increased pressure, hormonal changes, shifts in the coagulation system lead to blood clots. Very often this process goes unnoticed - until the clot breaks and causes blockage of the pulmonary artery, and this leads to a tragic outcome.

In the best case, the thrombus, gradually moving alongthe vessel, deforms the valves, and it is almost impossible to restore them with the help of any medication. And then begins a long illness, which is treated with plastic surgery, valve grafts. However, it is possible that the disease will develop again, because the walls of the vessels are unhealthy and very weak.

Any advice I can give is not to those who alreadysuffers from this disease, but to those who can still avoid it. The first sign of its approach - and in pregnant women, and in general in those who are predisposed to this disease, is the appearance of edema on the legs. First of all, the ankle suffers - women notice that recently they were still a bit cramped with comfortable shoes. In this case, do not rely on "maybe" or engage in self-medication, and you should immediately show your doctor.
There is one more subtlety here. Edema on the feet is very often associated with kidney pathology, and this is especially true for pregnant women. The enlarged uterus squeezes the ureters, the outflow of urine is broken, infections come into play, pyelonephritis arises - and then quite other specialists are engaged in treatment.

If the doctor comes to the conclusion that the whole thing isbeginning of venous insufficiency, then stopping the development of the disease is not too difficult. There is another unpleasant early sign of the disease - the appearance on the skin surface of so-called "spiders". In fact, it is also venous hypertension, but not large, but small, intradermal vessels. And in this case, help at first can also be one - compression with bandages, special pantyhose.

It is very important to observe a certainmotor mode. Whether you are a pregnant woman or a health-lifting sportsman, weightlifter, but if you have spiders or starlets on the skin of your legs, you need to walk as much as possible and stand as little as possible. Doing work, in which you need to constantly be on your feet, try constantly to step from foot to foot, "prancing", dancing, but in no case do not allow the static position of the lower extremities.

If your work is sedentary, then geta bench so that your legs would occupy a more elevated position, and if there is such an opportunity, do not hesitate to put them "American" on the table. The main thing for you is to use every opportunity for a better outflow of blood.

Sit down, putting your foot on my leg, I really do notI recommend. And what to do if the disease is missed and the process goes on? I would not advise in such cases any medication and any surgical interventions that entice potential customers to merchants from medicine. A huge number of people with varicose veins, using only compression, walk on the ground and live, as they are supposed to from the Lord God. Appear in the newspaper ads that the alleged varicose veins are cured by herbs, but for forty years of medical practice I have not seen a single patient that would benefit from such treatment. If the walls of the vessel are loosened, the valve flaps open and do not retain blood pressure - they will never close again, as they stimulate.
If necessary, we are bold enough to operate,remove the non-working vessels. The fact is that in norm 17 percent of blood flows in the surface layers, and 83 percent in deep layers, and at all levels it is discharged from the surface layers into deep layers. There are powerful muscle frames, which, like pumps, pump blood in the direction of the heart. And the absence of a surface vessel for the limb often means little.

And in conclusion I want to give to pregnant womenwomen the most important advice. If your ankles begin to swell or spiders appear on your skin, a feeling of enlargement, fatigue appears in your legs, then do not believe those who tell you that they will give birth and everything will pass. It will only happen if you, without losing time, contact a specialist in vascular surgery.