Edema from the inside of the knee

Pain in the knee during flexion is possible for everyone inany moment. This can happen during sports, running, jumping or just walking. The knee joints are the main burden of the body, so they suffer most often.

Depending on the type of damage the calyx personcan experience a different intensity of pain. Discomfort in this case can be permanent or periodic, after a load. Also, painful sensations can disturb not only when walking, but even at night during rest.

Factors leading to pathology

The main causes of pain from the inside of the knee are:

  1. Cyst of the meniscus. It is a tumor with a liquid inside. The person constantly experiences painful sensations at walking. This is the main symptom of the disease. There is a pathology due to overload of the joints, injuries and bruises and requires surgical intervention. If the size of the cyst is small, then anti-inflammatory medication and pain medications are prescribed.
  2. Baker's cyst. It occurs in people over the age of 40. Pathology looks like a swelling under the calyx. Can be placed in front and behind the calyx. It arises from the accumulation of synovial fluid in the joint with injuries and bruises. It is manifested by painful sensations when walking and limited in the movements of the foot. There may be numbness of the foot and swelling of the calyx. Under the knee, a dense neoplasm (cyst) is felt in the fossa. Treatment consists of puncture and pumping out excess fluid. Then, anti-inflammatory drugs are injected. Perhaps the purpose of the operation, if traditional treatment did not help.
  3. Hoff's disease. It is similar to a meniscus cyst. It is damage to the adipose tissue of the joint. It occurs due to hormonal disorders or arthrosis. It is manifested by limited movements, pain in walking and swelling of the knee.
  4. Injuries and injuries. They cause an increase in the volume of synovial fluid in the joint and the formation of blood clots. For local treatment, special gels and ointments with anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory properties are used. It is recommended wearing a tight bandage or elastic bandage. In case of serious sprains and injuries, plaster is applied.
  5. Diseases of soft tissues. Suffer usually due to injuries of ligaments, muscles and tendons. They show a dense tissue swelling around the calyx. There is a drawing pain when walking. Treatment is a method of anti-inflammatory drugs, and also the load on the aching leg should be limited.
  6. Stagnation of blood circulation. Violation of the blood supply leads to the appearance of edema of the legs in the knees and stagnation of the synovial fluid. An examination for osteoporosis and arthritis is required.
  7. Viral infections. Disease bacteria when ingested cause fluid accumulation in the pit under the calyx. The reason - non-compliance with personal hygiene. Treatment is prescribed in the form of antibiotic therapy.
  8. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint (gonarthrosis). Characteristic for people after the age of 35 years. An accompanying symptom is pain in the joint when climbing and descending the stairs, walking. This disease damages the structure of the joint, especially the cartilage. Pathology leads to the cracking of this elastic padding and the denudation of the articulating bones. This condition is accompanied by severe pain and discomfort. The help of the therapist or the rheumatologist is necessary. Treatment consists in the administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics.
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For adequate and effective treatment,It is necessary to know the causes of the pathology and to establish a diagnosis to the patient. For this purpose, the specialist prescribes general biochemical analyzes (if there is a suspicion of an infection), conducts a visual examination of the sore spot under the knee, and interrogates the patient. Diagnosis can include the implementation of special test exercises, indicating a possible cause of pain. Also appoint an MRI, CT or X-ray. After all the stages of diagnosis and general conclusion, the necessary treatment can be prescribed.

If you adhere to some general recommendationscharacter, you can avoid the occurrence of pain in the knee. First of all, you need to watch, so that there is no physical overload of the body. Excessive exercises in the gym or heavy physical labor will lead to pain in knee joints and muscles. Therefore, any load should be optimal for the age and weight of a person and not lead to fatigue. Then there should be enough rest to restore the muscles and ligaments.

Uniform postures should be avoided and prolongedstay in them. So, for those who like to squat for a long time, there may be pain from the inside of the knee. This habit in the future can lead to deformity of the joints, the appearance of arthrosis and chronic pain sensations.

Risk that causes pain in the knee with an internalhand, is overweight. Fat people develop osteoporosis more often, which is the cause leading to functional cartilage disorders. In this case, the knees are constantly in a stressed state under a large body weight.

The cause of development of pathological processesis the lack of flexibility of the muscles. Therefore, with a sharp or careless movement instead of elastic stretching, the ligament can tear or be injured. Such a factor leads to an inflammatory process and, consequently, edema. Also, if the muscles are underdeveloped and weak, then they do not withstand a prolonged load on them. The calyx is in a stressed state. Hence, pain occurs when the leg is bent in the knee and when it is extended. Such pain can become regular. This position will help to correct special physical exercises and training to strengthen the muscles.

If a man has a flat foot, and onethe leg is shorter than the other, then it needs to be adjusted with the help of special shoes. Otherwise, such a pathology can lead to pain in the knee when flexing, and in the advanced stage to difficulties with movement.

If the knee hurts from the inside, then the legsyou need to give a rest. Perhaps the pain itself will pass, when the muscles and joints rest after fatigue. If the pain is severe and worries for a long time, you need to consult a doctor about the appointment of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. You can use rubbing in the knee anesthetic gel or ointment, for topical external application. If this does not help, then a detailed examination with a specialist is needed to identify the causes of discomfort. After the diagnosis it will be already clear exactly what treatment is required. As soon as possible to visit a traumatologist or orthopedist needed for deformity of the knee, pains of a vascular nature, a strong puffiness. And the appearance of temperature and redness in this case indicate the attachment of infection and the onset of an inflammatory process in the knee, which poses a serious danger to the body.

If a bruise is applied to a damaged area,cold. You can use ice, which must be wrapped in tissue or a towel to prevent frostbite of the limb. Cold hold no more than 15 minutes. This reduces the size of the edema at the site of the injury. Then the doctor will prescribe an anti-inflammatory treatment, including pain medications. Sometimes even the reception of antibiotics is possible. To the basic medicamental treatment add physiotherapeutic procedures and therapeutic exercise.

Some cases of pain under the calyx requiresurgical intervention. Then the doctor can prescribe an arthroscopic operation, in which the incisions and subsequent scars are minimal. In severe cases, prosthetic parts of the knee are performed. For the manufacture of medical prostheses, metal, plastics and polymers are used.

In any case, do not self-medicate. Timely appeal to a doctor will prevent the development of pathology and its complications.

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