How much the edema keeps after a fracture of the leg

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On August 4, I fell on my hand as a result ofdislocation of the elbow joint. I went to the emergency department and the joint was put on the plaster for 4 weeks. Then they were sent to the LFK. The result is a twist of the elbow joint. Have corrected imposed a plaster for 1,5 months, have removed, ЛФК. The result is a dislocation. For the third time the operation was refused. Have corrected, have imposed a plaster for 1,5 months. Diagnosis-tendinosis. They removed the cast again. They sent a tenoplasty to the operation, as it is written in the epicrisis. They put a gypsum langet.

good afternoon!a 27-year-old young man was removed hernia of the disk of L4-L5. In the pictures of mrt, the doctors suspected another hernia, but during the operation it turned out that it was not a hernia, and the bones of the spine bulged out and they were podpili.operatsiya passed normally. After the operation the next day the patient stood up, resembled. sensitivity in the leg returned, all the pelvic functions work. 2-3 days after the operation began to flow like a leg, there were pains in the back. the process of getting out of bed was accompanied by hellish pain. but.

After an ankle fracture, a plate was installed, and Ilizarov's apparatus. It is worth 3 weeks. Is it possible and will it be useful if I start using the device Lados, in the area of ​​the fracture? Thank you.

Three years ago I was auditedendoprosthetics of the hip joint, from this time t of the body 35.5 - 36, rarely 36.2. I feel a huge impotence, which becomes critical by the 18 -19 hours, forces not only to get to the polyclinic, but also to call a doctor at home. After the first endoprosthesis replacement of this joint because of an error, or negligence of the doctor, I have to move on crutches and for the past 10 years I have almost never left the apartment, because accompanying no. Question-.

After fracture of the leg, the doctor allowed to proceedfoot. And how to do this? it is very scary to step on all the weight on the foot. On the scales stand up, I give a load of 5 kg. I weigh 45 kg. Tell me, please, how to overcome fear and start to embark on a foot?

Hello, I have such a question.the meniscus was removed in 2012. now from the load I feel that the knee aches a bone and twists. I bought orthopedic knee pads in the pharmacy but they all have a big defect. With walking or just movements they slip, get in the way and are useless. Still, they squeeze and squeeze the skin. very not conveniently. Whether it is possible to buy a bandage strengthening a knee joint. To go weights day and well there was a bandage and did not stir or prevent not stings and did not slip. Thank you.

Hello! The husband cut his arm between his elbow and wrist. The doctor said that he had stitched three tendons, and could not have a radial artery. What is the future of this trauma? And was the doctor right that he did not sew the radial artery? And can the hand function as before after such a cut? When the cast is removed, there is no strength in the hand, as before (can not hold a spoon, a mug), can not bend into a fist and yet it turns blue when it holds down or does something, but then the blue passes if it lies.

Good day a week ago I twisted my leg rolling onskates in the knee. the next day appeared swollen in the hospital pumped 40ml of blood. On the leg could attack, but if you shift weight to the left side of your left leg, then there was a sharp pain, from the left side just below the knee to the bottom of the leg. Rengen did everything in order. They put a langet on his leg and said not to step on his foot. edema a little went for 2-3 days, but already day 4 is in one place. The doctor said that we'll do it in 10 days. was small.

Good afternoon! 01.12, an osteosynthesis operation was performed. 25.02 (after almost 3 months) took another picture, the doctor says that the process of splicing is on. It would be desirable to learn or find out opinion of doctors, that it is possible to tell or say on this picture. What load can be given now. Whether it is possible to give a load on a leg or foot and if it is possible, how much greater or big. Is it possible to start driving a car. Thank you in advance for all the doctors for the answers! Links to the photo.

Hello! A month ago, I had an operation after an ankle fracture with an offset. Until now, I have a feeling that there I'm at my feet under the plaster of needles. I am 70 years old. When does this feeling stop, or can something be done? The leg is in the langete. What exercises you advise to do before the removal of gypsum. And further. Is it advisable after the removal of gypsum to buy an orthosis for a faster and less painful rehabilitation? Thanks. Sincerely. A.Golubeva

osteomyelitis of the right forearm.After 3 years of treatment, amputation was followed. After amputation, severe pains did not stop. I run to the reception of strong analgesics. I take medications with anesthetics that are poorly effective. Occasionally, abscess of stump emerges. Advise where to turn to me and how to relieve suffering!

Hello, this question is whether the leg will hurt when walking after a fracture of the tibia with a displacement of the fragments and how much it will be possible to exercise

Has fallen and has thrust a little finger of the right hand in the earthRentgen has shown that a bone of the whole finger is equal Plaster cast How long is the articular capsule restored?

Hello, January 12, I broke my leg (vnutresusvastovychny fracture), weeks after 3 must remove the plaster, I can have limp for some time after the removal of gypsum and recovery?

Zdrastvujte, where that 5 years ago, I hadfracture was the displacement of the right fibrous bone, 2 plates were applied but after 6 months I took them off. Everything was fine, in the picture the bone was perfectly fused. Although the scar if scratched, then ate I stop. Now, I'm leading an active image. But last time, she whines so, budtto now it will rupture, not swelling, not swelling. Only dull pain, and not at the fracture, but on the upper part of the foot. I can not go, I limp. They say that the weather has changed, because the pain has begun.