Swelling of the leg below the knee in the elderly

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Physical manifestations
Edema is an increase in the amount of fluid in theintercellular spaces. To form edema, it is sufficient to increase the amount of liquid by 10% against the norm. Symptoms of swelling are bloatedness and a clear trail remaining after pressing the finger. Edema can be caused by a blockage of the vein or blockage of the lymphatic vessel.

Delayed water or other fluid in the bodyis a sign that a man restrains his emotions. A man swells to protect himself. Edema can also arise in the process of eliminating or resolving a conflict, when a person has a contradiction between the EGO and the heart (to keep the conflict or to resolve it). The part of the body in which the edema occurred is indicative of the area of ​​life in which there is a delay. So, the edema on the leg says that a person does not allow himself to move towards a goal, although he has already made a decision.

If you have swelling, your body tells you,that you restrain yourself because of lack of confidence in your abilities and talents. You create obstacles and limitations for yourself. You must move and take risks, following the call of your heart. Finally, make some decision, as the longer the conflict drags on, the more you risk jeopardizing your health.

Spiritual causes and elimination

In order to understand the spiritual causes thatinterfere with meeting the important need of your sincere self, ask yourself the questions listed in the monadotherapy section. Answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the true cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.

A source: Somatika of Satisfaction of Sincere Necessities

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Buy in the pharmacy ointment "Kapilar" -magazin instructions, go to the doctor.

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heart or vertebra. Drink less fluids. Just as much as you need the body

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Be sure to show your doctor. Perhaps the heart. Rheumatism is also possible.

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Thank you, Spring. Sirdce does not worry. And it's supposed to manifest itself in some way, And the inner veins can "wake up"? They were in their youth when they were sick?