Edema after a fracture of the toe

Fracture of the phalanx of the toe is not a rare occurrence,especially considering that on the toes is a great pressure of body weight. Fracture of the finger on the leg can be obtained even at home, just hitting a corner, chair or bed, which with you for sure happened. Fracture of the finger on the leg symptoms is clear, so that anyone can determine the injury, you will learn about them in this article. Know the signs well, but you need and treatment, before which you need to consult a doctor. One of the most common injuries in this area is a fracture of the big toe.

Fracture of phalanx of toe

Fracture of the toe is oftenencountered trauma. Most of the cases of these injuries are traumatic fractures that occur as a result of tucking in the leg, with compression and a strong impact on the fingers. There are also pathological fractures of the toes. In this case, the fracture is the result of the negative effect of certain diseases, which significantly reduce the level of bone strength: osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, hyperparathyroidism and others. Fracture of the phalanx of the toe can be closed and open, without displacement or with displacement, complete and incomplete, and also localized on the main, nail or middle phalanx, or simply be combined. Nature has so arranged a structure of fingers that it can easily happen bone fracture simultaneously in several places. It is from the localization of the trauma that certain violations of bone integrity directly depend. Fracture of the toe photo frightens us, but not all cases carry a danger to the human body.

Fracture of finger on leg symptoms

Fracture of the finger on the leg symptoms is absolute and relative. The relative signs allow to admit only the probability of a fracture, while the absolute ones indicate an exact fracture.

Relative symptoms: intense and acute pain, which is especially aggravated when trying to move, limb function disorder, swelling of the injured finger, presence of a hemorrhage under the skin or fingernail.

Absolute symptoms: unnatural (uncharacteristic) position of the finger, crepitus at the site of the trauma (when pressure is applied to the fracture region, a characteristic crunch of bones will be heard), pathological mobility.

Signs of a broken toe

Here everything will depend on the localization of the injury. For example, when the distal phalanx of the toe breaks down, the pain will be less pronounced, just as if the main phalanx is connected to the bones of the foot. An interesting fact, with a fracture of the second, third, fourth, including fifth fingers, a violation of their natural function may even be unnoticed. As a result, the victim may not understand that he had a fractured finger. The reason for going to the emergency room will be only growing pain.

Fracture of the big toe is accompanied by other symptoms that have morepronounced character. This is due to the fact that this finger has a larger size and consists not of three, but of two phalanges. And he experiences a great load in the process of walking, compared to other fingers. That is why a fracture of the thumb is accompanied by sharp and very severe pain, which prevents the patient from stepping on his leg. Edema spreads to the adjacent toes, or to the entire foot. The leg acquires a blue tint and looks swollen.
Like any other fracture, this trauma is alwayspasses through X-ray examination. The external inspection does not carry 100% efficiency, so without a photo of the foot in different projections simply can not do.

This trauma has the same signs of a fracture of a finger and on the hands, and on the leg.

Fracture of toe

If the patient has a fractured toetreatment should be started correctly from the first seconds after the injury. In other words, it is necessary to provide first aid. First - apply cold to reduce pain and increasing swelling. After this, you need to impose a tire, in order to immobilize the injured limb. This will avoid further complications and ease the patient's suffering. An open fracture will not cause severe bleeding, due to the lack of large arteries. There is nothing more to be done before an ambulance arrives, because an independent treatment in a hospital is often impossible.

The treatment plan will depend on the nature of the damage, even if it is Fracture of the phalanx of the finger . For example, in the case of an open fracture, in addition torepositioning of bone fragments and immobilization of the limb, antibiotics should be used to avoid the development of secondary infection. Simple fractures of the 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th and 5 th toe can be treated freely without the use of a plaster bandage. On the broken finger, the tire is applied for a period of four to seven weeks. To reduce the pain, it is recommended to wear special orthopedic shoes or shoes with a hard sole. If a large toe breaks down, a plaster bandage is applied to the patient, which grabs the fingers and rises to the upper third of the shin. The term of wearing is in the region from 4 to 6 weeks.

When treating intraarticular toe fracturesoften use surgical intervention, including open reposition, including intraarticular fixation with special spokes, and also set up compression-distraction apparatus (in special cases). After these methods of treatment, the violation of the functionality of the fingers is completely restored after 2 months. To the process of recovery and regeneration of bones was accelerated, it is necessary to use general strengthening therapy as a supplement. Useful physiotherapeutic procedures that will speed up the process of bone restoration. Also, the doctor recommends the use of the drug "Collagen Ultra", which contains essential amino acids for the production of collagen, responsible for the regeneration processes in the body.

Many do not believe in the treatment of a finger on his leg, but in his healing.
Video: healing of a finger after a fracture