Swelling of the legs with varicose what to do

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Frequently used phrases in the lexicon: Varicose veins and varicose veins. in fact, designate one violation. This is a malfunction or lack of valves in the crimped and enlarged veins. Often arguing about varicose veins are meant on the legs, in fact, these problems can manifest throughout the body. But the leading place is occupied by legs. In this article, exploring treatment of varicose veins. it will be about the veins on your legs.

For what purpose treatment of varicose veins. The main problem of people with this diseasehas a more aesthetic character. In the first place, the veins are visible from the outside, they do not bring strong physical discomfort, but only spoil the mood and bring a headache.

This is already enough to start treatment of varicose veins. even if the mesh telangiectasia is shallow. In such cases, treatment with sclerotherapy, microthermocoagulation is recommended, ointments and tablets are not used.

Many people swelling of the legs. what to do with this problem, which canaccompanied by nocturnal cramps and pain? Pain manifests more often in women, this is a result of a violation of blood circulation through the veins. The consequence of stagnation of blood in the veins is the inevitable change of work, if it was standing or requiring physical exertion.

The percentage of people with such symptoms isapproximately 9%. To help in the fight against pain will come preparations that can tonify veins - phlebotonics, it is necessary to understand that they only weaken the pain and are not treatment of varicose veins. Thanks to such medications, you can relieve your health, unfortunately, the veins remain in their original state.

A good effect on the symptomatic treatment of veins will have compression stockings. They are sewn from compression knitwear and significantly reduce the risk formation of new thrombi in varicose veins .

If you neglect treatment, varicose veins can trigger the appearance of skin changes. First of all, this is expressed by the darkening of the skin, on the inside of the ankle and lower leg. If you start treatment at this stage, you can avoid the appearance of scar changes in the subcutaneous fat layer, prevent the formation of trophic ulcers.

If the moment is missed, and trophic ulcers already formed, in the treatment of varicose veins. you must first heal them. If this is not done, then all the doctor's procedures for saving the altered blood circulation in varicose veins will be useless, at the end of the treatment a relapse may occur.

The most dangerous complication of the disease - appearance of blood clots in the enlarged veins. since they create the most favorableconditions for the formation of thrombi. Almost half of people with such veins could observe at least 1 time in their life thrombosis of veins. The fear of developing this process is one of the main arguments for starting treatment of varicose veins .

Considering the mentality of a modern person who lives by the principle: "when he takes it, then we start to treat it", one should fear serious complications. Varicose veins requires serious decisions in the early stages, you can not wait for the appearance of blood clots, it can have a negative impact on health.

Is there a way to get rid of varicose veins once and for all?

The answer is negative. Varicose disease - chronic, transmitted by inheritance and develops under the influence of various causes. Avoid heredity or prevent the reasons for which it is not possible. Varicose veins manifested, despite the treatment. After the operation, 30% of patients are susceptible to recurrence of the disease. Thanks to treatment, a person reduces the risk of complication to a minimum, makes his life more comfortable and aesthetic.

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