Swelling of the legs in case of diabetes mellitus

One of the weakest places with physiologicalpoint of view in diabetes should be considered exactly the legs. They not only swell, but also tend to form ulcers, the formation of a diabetic foot and many other things that are not treated golden mustache . Treatment of this phenomenon is certainly necessary, because otherwise, swelling can lead to much more serious problems, in some cases even gangrene.

For a proper understanding of the cause, due to which puffiness manifests itself, one should understand its physiological explanations. This will help to start the treatment much faster, which will greatly improve the condition of the legs. The causes of this phenomenon in diabetes mellitus are as follows:

  • decrease in nerve conduction - recovery is possible due to gum ;
  • weakening and damage of all types of vessels (gymnastics can be quite effective);
  • deterioration of the degree of healing of wounds and even cracks;
  • increase in the frequency of infection.

This is what leads to serious problems with the limbs that swell, like Brewer's yeast . However, swelling can occur and as a consequenceother problems - serious diseases. A few others in this perspective will also have symptoms. In this case, you will need to apply a symptomatic treatment that will not only relieve puffiness, but also help get rid of complications in diabetes mellitus. One such method is mustard seeds .

About diseases and symptoms

Edema that occurs against the background of diabetes may indicate a disease such as neuropathy.

It provokes not just a numbness in the area of ​​the feet and fingers, but also swelling due to diseased limbs.

What exactly provokes swelling?

You can also suspect nephropathy, because it leads to the accumulation of fluid in the human body due to poor kidney function (the latter is treated with moderate application carnations ). In this case, a person does not experience any particular unpleasant or painful sensations. This phenomenon also has its own explanation, which is that the threshold of sensitivity of nerve endings and fibers is many times underestimated.

In addition, initially swelling in the legsbegin to appear late in the evening, and sometimes in the morning, immediately after awakening. During the day, puffiness usually passes, and therefore the patient simply does not pay much attention to the presented sign, which indicates diabetes. Thus, in order to properly perform treatment for diabetes mellitus, it is necessary to distinguish between what exactly the symptoms got edema and how to treat the legs in this case.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the exact cause or several reasons provoking swelling. If the tests indicate that this is diabetes, then it is necessary:

  1. normalize the sugar level;
  2. exclude other related problems.

In order to exclude inflammation of the kidneys, it is necessary to perform tests and show the photo on the ratio of protein in the urine, and determine the amount of urine within 24 hours. To exclude varicose, weighed down by diabetes, it is recommended to carefully consider the foot surface. This will make it possible to determine the presence ofa grid of blood vessels. Do not forget about the problems with the heart, as well as the thyroid gland. After all, they can provoke edema, the treatment of which is needed in this case. In addition to the course of treatment, it is recommended that attention be given to physical exercises. That gymnastics can seriously help.

Extremely complex and symptomaticthe approach under the constant supervision of an experienced specialist will make it possible to get rid of edema not for a short period of time, but for a much longer period. Because in this case the root cause is cured. Do not take edema only as a cosmetic inconvenience to the feet. Because it is always a signal, indicating the most serious health problems. Especially when the condition is weakened by a disease such as diabetes mellitus.

Proper treatment implies alsoprevention, which includes not only gymnastics, but also other exercises. This will help quickly restore the optimal condition of the legs, as well as consolidate the result.

Specialists insist on accepting:

  • preventive;
  • vitamin;
  • mineral complexes.

All this will only strengthen the blood vessels in diabetes.

Running, gymnastics and daily exercises, as well as yoga will make it possible to remove the condition of soreness and optimize all the processes associated with blood supply.

Uncomfortable shoes or tight and uncomfortable tights or socks almost always cause swelling of the calf areas of the legs. Treatment of this, of course, is necessary.

Of course, the benefits of healthy food and completeThe absence of cigarettes and alcohol should not be excluded from preventive measures. Each of the presented factors seriously affects the condition of the vessels and can be a catalyst for the appearance of not only swelling, but also swelling of the lower extremities.

How does food affect swelling?

In order to prevent diabetic foot, everyonefrom diabetics it is recommended not to forget about the treatment of the skin of the legs with special creams. They prevent the formation of cracks. For the same to exclude the appearance of calluses, you should clean the area of ​​the heel or foot from excess skin, and also remove the already present corns.

At the same time, it is not recommended to givethe possibility of excess amounts of fat cream to remain on the skin. It is undesirable to steam the feet in order to soften the hardness of the feet, and also apply the chemical components for the peeling. In this perspective, it is unacceptable to use pumice and other devices for special skin treatment, because it will aggravate the treatment.

Thus, puffiness of the legs is a serious enough problem that needs qualified treatment. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve 100% of the result.

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