Edema of the foot with a shin fracture

Hello! On sparring broke the 1st phalanx of the third finger, after the operation a hematoma was formed. Can I remove it? If yes, tell me how? Thank you in advance!

Hello! I am 15 years old. It's been 3 years since I broke my leg in the foot area (I do not remember what the bone is called, but it's near the little finger). I suffer severe pain when weather changes, sometimes it hurts with kickback to the knee and all over my leg. I took a picture, said that I grew up normally. Tell me what to do?

The dear doctor! My mother is 80 years old, 7 suffer from back pain, now they have become very strong, MRI showed: degenerative-distro.izm-I, osteochondrosis belt. Department, spondyloosteopathy lower piles. and the belt of parts, compression fractures of bodies Th10.Th11. No one prescribed treatment, only a traumatologist recommended wearing a semi-rigid corset. Almost all the time we are on painkillers: analgin, tempalgin, ketorol, diclofenac, ketodolone. What is better (how appropriate is the word) to apply and how.

Hello, I sit at home after the operation. Sew the lateral internal ligament of the knee, impregnated the plaster for 6 weeks. After removing the gypsum after how many months can I go to the football court? How do you recommend restoring yourself?

Injury of the elbow joint in November 2008 After the introduction of the spokes (4 pcs), osteomyelitis developed. In May 2009, the elbow joint (melted) was 8 months old - the Ilizarov apparatus, then, the gypsum lingeta - 90 degrees. The battle of the bones goes sluggishly - until now in the langete, ie. treatment continuously for 1 year 8 months. Installed 2 gr. disability for a year. those. in August 2010 - a repeated ITU - and the hand is still in the lingo, practically does not participate in the maintenance. Tell me what the outcome forecast is.

Hello! 10 days ago, the son cut his leg (the upper part of the foot) he was given 3 seams. Yesterday they were removed. Immediately in the evening he hit his leg and the wound broke up. We were told that they were not sewn again. How to connect the edges of a wound with a band-aid?

Hello. My mother was diagnosed with arthrosis of the knee joint. My leg hurts very much. In general, it can not stand up to it. I have it very full. Our doctors did not even send X-rays. Have looked or seen and have diagnosed. Today did diprospan intravenously. A little pain subsided. What medicines will advise?

Hello. I was operated on on March 2, put a plate on 8 bolts, there was an open fracture of the shin with a fragmentation shim. X-ray shows that the places of fusion transparent, transparent corn, on the leg began to become after 2 months after the operation. What should I take for better bone splicing? And when it will be possible to walk with a cane?

Hello, I recently twisted my leg, it turned out,that I have a fracture of 4 metatarsals. I made a gypsum langet. A few days later, I sometimes leaned on my leg, the first 1.5 weeks did not hurt anything, now the third week has gone, my leg hurts again with a stronger support, but when I press the fracture site, it still does not hurt. The gypsum almost completely collapses, but the doctor said to tie it with an elastic bandage. A week left before the removal of the plaster, maybe you should see a doctor?

Hello. I had an ankle sprain with tearing of ligaments. Treated 2 weeks with ointment Apizatron and tablets Naklofen. After that, a large hematoma was formed almost to the knee. Went to another doctor. He made me a cut and squeezed out the gore. Now there is no swelling in the hematoma. And during the transition from a lying position to a standing first 20 seconds, there is a strong pressure on the ankle and pain. The incision on my leg has not yet healed. Please advise how to remove swelling and pain and how much.

Hello! My son (17 years) 8 weeks ago broke his leg. A month lay on the stretch, now on crutches. X-ray shows that the fusion is normal, all the joints are mobile, almost no pain. What loads are permissible on the foot? When it will be possible to tread?

Tell me, is it necessary to remove the titanium implant from the lower leg, if it does not disturb at all? The operation to establish the implant was in 2008.

Hello! I have a deep cut of my feet a week ago. The wound has already contracted, but I still can not move my foot, because The wound begins to open again. I keep my foot in peace all the time. Please advise how to speed up the healing process?

Today they diagnosed a closed fractureexternal ankle without bias. They put a plaster langet. The problem is that on the eve of the fracture, I began to treat the humeroscapular periarthritis and there are still pains - I can not stand on crutches, I cry from the pain in my shoulder and move around the apartment with a cane. Is it dangerous for a fracture and what to do? Thankful in advance, she is also a doctor.

Hello! I'm 45 years old, I had a fracture with a shift, Elizarov's apparatus was standing. In May 2010, the fracture merged, after the apparatus in one place where the needle did not fully tighten the wound, the control picture showed that the bone is clean and does not rot. Sometimes there is pus from the wound. How and how to treat it?