Edema of the foot after cardiac shunting

We list the unpleasant consequencesarise after a surgical operation: - In people with excessive weight, infection in a surgical wound is possible: - in people with diabetes and those who have this operation repeated, infection in a surgical wound is possible - a stroke or a heart attack is possible - a violation of the heart rhythm - possible pulmonary or renal insufficiency - possible postpericardicotomy syndrome, which is characterized by fever in the chest and can last about six months - fuzzy thinking and memory impairment.

Very important correctly and competently approach the operation. To do this, you need to tell your doctor everything about your health and well-being, you need to notify the doctor about all medications that you take or have taken recently, including herbs, if you use them. In no case can you perform an operation if you have recently had a cold or are currently suffering from minor cold symptoms.

It is obligatory to refuse before operation from medicines that may violateblood coagulability. On the eve of the operation, at night, you can not help but drink. If you want to drink, then you can just wet your mouth with water. Medications that are allowed to be taken on the eve of surgery should be drunk with very small sips of water. These recommendations must be strictly adhered to, your life and the success of the operation are at stake.

Restore after the operation is possible for sixmonths, and the result from the operation will be preserved for many years. In order to not carry out such an operation again, you need to reconsider all your habits, nutrition, physical activity. Must refuse all bad habits. Consult with dietitians. Carefully monitor your health, take regular tests with a doctor, take tests.

After bypassing the heart vessels, the group is left-give?
After surgery, CABG (aorto-coronary bypass surgery) is necessarily given a group of disabilities: 1 or 3.

What kind of loads can be given after shunting?
Only consultation of the attending physician!

Video. Heart surgery. Aorto-coronary bypass surgery on a working heart