Edema of the legs in the calf region

Female 25 years.
Russia Engels

Good afternoon! I need a doctor's consultation,because our doctors can not identify the cause of my edema. Legs began to swell around March 2012, swelling mainly in the region of the lower leg and thighs. After I stopped breastfeeding (at the end of February 2012), I began to have health problems, such symptoms as leg swelling, constipation, my mustache began to darken, my condition was suppressed, but after a while all the symptoms passed, in addition to leg swelling, I took tests for TTG (0.76), which is normal, did a cardiogram, uzi heart and kidneys, everything is normal and there's nothing to complain about! made the rvg of the vessels of the lower extremities, everything is normal, only the outflow is slightly reduced, the doctors can not reveal the cause, and my swelling does not pass by morning, the constant heaviness in the legs and aching pain, when the bone is pressed on the shins, pits are left. What could be the reason. what should I do?