High blood pressure and swelling

High pressure is a fairly common disease,especially among women after forty. As a disease, high blood pressure manifests itself slowly enough. It all starts with the fact that a person feels weak, dizzy. then there is a bad dream, fast fatigue, numbness of fingers, blood pours to the head, it begins to seem that small flies flashed before my eyes.

This stage can last for severalyears. Then in the human body there are kidney and heart failure, the blood circulation is broken in the brain. If at this initial stage not to take any serious interventions and not to treat high blood pressure, then serious consequences are possible, including even a heart attack. With such consequences, the body can completely stop working, that is, function. At the last stages of hypertension, a person may even die.

In our time, high blood pressure occurs inmany people. This phenomenon should be treated very seriously, as it increases the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, threatens with impaired consciousness, development of renal or heart failure. In addition, high blood pressure causes changes in the stenocysts of the vessels and the retina of the eye, which in turn can lead to poor eyesight and blindness.

In our society today,high blood pressure as a health indicator are very lightly, although daily from the TV screens and in specialized print media it is said that this is an important risk factor for vascular and cardiac diseases. Research data show that 40% of people in the world have high blood pressure, and the number is constantly increasing. Men are somewhat more prone to this ailment.

The cause of pressure - these are stresses and constant experiences. Also, hypertension can develop in people who are genetically located to the disease. The development of hypertension is not the last role played by the environment.

The more a person will experience stressfulsituations, the more likely that he may have hypertension. If you pay attention to hypertension in a timely manner and begin to treat it, you can avoid serious consequences, but as a rule, people do not notice the symptoms of hypertension and do not treat it in the initial stage. Even a healthy person may experience increased blood pressure in some situations. But at the same time it does not reach the crisis moment and is not dangerous for a person.

There are two types of hypertension. This is a hypertensive disease and symptomaticarterial hypertension. Hypertensive disease is a chronic disease of the cardiovascular system. At the moment, it was not possible to find out exactly the causes of the development of this disease.

Elevated blood pressure can also be triggered a large content in the menu of saturated fatty acids. For the most part they are present in palm andcoconut fat and animal fat (sour cream, butter and others). Do not forget about the hidden fats, which are rich in cheese, sausages, cookies, various snacks, chocolate, cakes. These products are very caloric, although at first glance may not seem fat.

Another risk factor is the excessive salt content of food. In many products, along with hidden fatsthere is also hidden salt, so it is recommended that you make an informed choice of foods that are eaten. It is better to give preference to fresh products and not to abuse partially prepared and packaged products. A conscious renunciation of excessively salty foods would bring tremendous benefits to a person's health.

The use of salt in excess of the measure leads to deteriorationthe state of the vessels (they become brittle and lose elasticity), the formation of structural changes in the arteries has a strong load on the physiological systems. Programs to reduce salt intake, adopted by some countries at the state level, have shown very good results.

The pressure rises from excessive use of alcohol. It is a mistake to think that alcohol contributes tolowering of pressure. In very moderate doses, it does not affect the pressure, but in large quantities, alcohol provokes the acceleration of the heartbeat, which directly affects blood pressure. In addition, alcoholic beverages can contain biologically active substances that can affect blood pressure.

Sedentary lifestyle, stress, stress may also cause increased blood pressure. In the conditions of the intensive working environment, dictated by the realities of our time, a person must perform huge amounts of work, daily overcome various difficulties. Many people are engaged in intellectual work, involving emotional overexertion. The increase in pressure can be a physiological response to any stressful or stressful situation.

To overcome daily stress without damagehealth, everyone should choose for themselves an individual way of relaxation, which would allow to return emotional balance. Another adverse factor is smoking. With regular smoking, blood vessels stay in tone all the time, gradually lose their elasticity, are narrowed, calcified, a sediment forms on the stents and blood pressure rises.

Increased pressure can also be triggered by excess weight, diseases, body structure and other causes.

To the most important factors, because of whichTo develop high blood pressure, include smoking, drinking alcohol, overweight, heredity, as well as old age, production impacts on people, including noise and vibration in the workplace. Hypertension can develop in a person who has suffered kidney disease, emotional stress, brain injury. Also, poorly affects the body and causes the development of hypertension abuse of salt.

Arterial hypertension is characterized byhigh blood pressure. In this case, a person has dizziness, headaches, reduced visual acuity. There may also be malfunctions in the heart, pain in the heart. Also, with increased pressure, fever, redness of the face or other areas of the skin, and limbs of the body acquire a lowered temperature, become colder.

Symptoms and signs of high blood pressure

The person in most cases can notfeel high blood pressure (in this regard, it is often called a "silent killer"). This is one of the main dangers of this phenomenon. This can seriously undermine the health of the patient and even threaten his life - in the event of a stroke or heart attack. Most often, high pressure is felt as a feeling of anxiety, nausea, heart failure, painful sensations in the heart, dizziness, headache. In case of systematic appearance of these symptoms, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

A crucial role in controlling pressure is played by regular preventive checks.

High blood pressure is considered if it ishigher than 160. Moreover, high blood pressure can cause headache, dizziness, darkening in the eyes. There may be pain in the heart, as well as interruptions in his work. Increased pressure can also be accompanied by fever, redness of face and increased sweating. At the same time, hands, on the contrary, become colder.

In the case of neglected hypertension, symptoms are weak blood circulation, swelling, shortness of breath with active work, and later even at rest.

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Increased pressure, regardless of the degreeits severity, it is necessary to treat - high pressure for a long time leads to serious changes in almost all organs. The necessary treatment in this case should appoint a doctor. It is he who evaluates all possible risk factors, selects the necessary medicines and prescribes appropriate medical measures.

An invaluable benefit to human health will bringdecrease the amount of salt in the food, quit smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, increase physical activity (after consulting with the doctor), the ability to relax and rest after a busy day. For each individual individual treatment prescribed by a qualified physician should be carried out.

Other ways to treat high blood pressure:

What to do with high pressure?

If you have high blood pressure, then neitherDo not prescribe medication yourself - this can only be done by a doctor. Give time to physical exercises (also after a medical consultation). These exercises should be performed with pleasure. Daily stroll in the fresh air, and if possible, it's better in nature. In no case do you spend all your free time at the computer or TV.

Try to eliminate excess weight (but withoutexcessive fanaticism). People with excessive kilograms have an increased risk of hypertension. Also, you should reduce the content of table salt in your menu. From the diet it is necessary to eliminate coffee, smoked products, sugar, fatty foods and especially fast food. It is often necessary to eat fish, garlic, raisins, cabbage, bananas.

But first of all, of course, it is necessarycontact a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Along with medicamental treatment, you can eat more tomatoes and strawberries during the ripening season, eat salads from raw carrots daily (about two months) and apply other medications authorized by the doctor.

Doctors say that people who sufferhypertension, are more prone to atherosclerosis. Therefore, both heart attack and stroke occur much more often in those people who suffer from high blood pressure. Also, hypertension can cause lameness, since the normal blood supply of the legs stops.

The main problem of all complications ispressure on the heart. It is forced to work with increased load. With this disease, the heart can not cope with increased stress, and the blood circulation around the small and large circle changes. This is accompanied by shortness of breath, hemoptysis, swelling of the extremities. These consequences are, as a rule, the cause of death.

Another dangerous consequence of hypertension isbrain complications. If the increased pressure excruciates the patient for a long time, then in the vessels of the retina the eyes inevitably develop point hemorrhages, the deposition of cholesterol. This leads to a violation of the blood supply, resulting in degeneration, retinopathy. All this can lead to darkening of vision or, in some cases, blindness.

The author of the article: Doctor of Medical Sciences, therapeutist Mochalov Pavel Alexandrovich

Jeanne, try at least 1 month dailydrink freshly squeezed juice from vegetables. Fresh juice has a very strong purifying effect, one month will be enough for you to see the real result. And there you will already have the desire to continue!
The main dosage is selected! You need to start with very small dosages, especially for beet juice - you can start drinking even with a teaspoon, gradually increasing the portion.
Carrot juice is practically harmless, it is necessary to begin with it. You can add cucumber juice to it, and then already beets.

Hello, my father is 42 years old, he constantly high blood pressure is 150 - 180. Please write, how to be? Thank you in advance

Vanya, to normalize the pressure, you need to take (additionally as a dietary supplement) magnesium and vitamin b6 - at least a month! It is also desirable to include omega-3.
In addition, pay attention to the comment from Alexander in the first post.

Hello, the doctor never botheredthe pressure was literally measured yesterday at the beginning was 165 on 150 later was 150. on the 110th meter, 143 on 110, tell me what it is that worries me how to be and what to do I work as an oilman

I have a pressure of 266 at 149, fluctuate, but below 200 it does not drop, starting in February. What could it be? I see an active way of life. I do not feel pressure. (

Nastia, of course, first of all you need to undergo a full examination with a doctor, since you have such a constant pressure. To identify the reason why it is you. Such a high pressure is very dangerous!

There can be many reasons for this. Here and a number of diseases can be, beginning from kidney diseases and ending with endocrine. And a deficiency of magnesium in the body, but rather still in your case the first.

Hello, to the son of 18 years, pressure 140-160 on80-90, help, tell me what to do? Were at the cardiologist, speaks high at it or him pressure and low will not be, where logic? If so, basketball players must have more than 200

Nastya I had a friend so it was, the kidneys stopped working

Wow. You scared me. I just did a renal sanation 10 sessions. The lymphatic stagnation was gone, the excess water was gone. I feel much better. Thanks to such sites as yours! You can learn a lot! I went further on the doctors. You know whether you want to live, just 35 years. )

Hello! Help me please! I do not know where to turn anymore! I am 59 years old. Every night, my blood pressure goes up and decreases throughout the day. I went to the doctor, took the tests, and all were good! She put injections, drank everything the doctor prescribed, but nothing helps! I can not understand what's happening to me! And how to treat it! The state is terrible! I hope for your advice!

Antonina, I'm not a doctor, so I can not saysomething concrete, I can only assume that at night you have increased blood pressure due to blood clotting. It at all people at night is condensed, but in different degree.
You can ask emergency doctors, they are yousay that, for example, heart attacks most often occur in the morning hours (3-6 am). Therefore, I would recommend that you try to start drinking a lot of clean water (at least 2 liters), without taking into account tea, and also introduce products that dilute blood. This way, in the first place, cucumbers and watermelons. Fresh juices are still very effective in this matter.
It is especially VERY important to drink water at night! People in old age try not to drink at night and do not drink water at night (when they wake up to the toilet), so as not to run often. But in terms of blood thickening - it's very dangerous!

It's all good, but our doctors at the nextvisit, always ask, and that you have the impression that she sees me for the first time! I have been with the doctor since 2002. and she appoints me, always what I chose for myself!

At mum the high pressure 160 170, prompt please where will turn. Where it is better treated. Thank you

Hello, Dad for the second time in three days, we callfast, because the pressure is 200/110, in addition, he has diabetes. And also he has a thrombus in his leg. I'm wondering if a blood clot can provoke high blood pressure. And it is possible in case of what to do or make operation on removal of a thrombus or to put to him a trap?

I have high blood pressure, like I eat well, but I'm very nervous. And to go to the doctor in GREECE is VERY expensive. Pressure 180 every day, and now I write to you on my motherland, what to do?

Ruslan, you need to apply pressure to the firstturn to the therapist! At the place of residence or at any paid clinic. But in a paid clinic, although the service is better, there is a risk of running into "pulling out money."

Catherine, the removal of the thrombus surgically is used in severe types of thrombosis, which provokes the risk of tissue necrosis. Although there are technologies like Rotarex Straube and Aspirex.
"Cure" high pressure impossiblein a traditional way. To normalize the pressure you need to seriously engage in a healthy diet, apply some folk methods, such as garlic tincture, juice therapy, Butenko cocktails. - but the presence of blood clots is a very big risk! A thrombus can come off and then the consequences will be very tragic.
Safe methods include the use of omega-3 and lecithin. But the effect will not be noticeable quickly, you need about 3-6 months.

Zarema, above, I wrote that it will not be permanently cured for pressure. Medicines that the doctor prescribes have a temporary effect and will have to be drunk until the end of life.

I am 43 years old. Constantly vomiting, then accompanied by high pressure 160/100. A terrible weakness and loss of strength, comes to an emergency call every month.
All tests are good, endoscopy, echoscopy. Tablets do not drink constantly, because for two three weeks the pressure is normal 115/76. What to do, advise please.

Lena, apparently you have hypertensive crises oncein a month occur. With a sharp increase (or decrease) of blood pressure may develop nausea, and even vomiting. Usually, with increased pressure, nausea and vomiting are combined with dizziness and throbbing pain in the occiput.
I think you will be interested in reading this article: http://www.ayzdorov.ru/lechenie_gipertonii_bez_lekarstv.php

Hello! I have high blood pressure almost every day 160 to 90, when the pressure rises my hands turn blue. And it happens 120 to 90. I'm 42 years old. Please, recommend me something.

Hello. I very often have pain in the back of the head, slight dizziness and nausea. The pressure is 137 at 85. Should I worry about this and what should I do?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2015-12-16

Vladimir, you need control of the arterialpressure. To measure pressure it is necessary in the morning after a dream and in the evening before a dream. Your pressure on the border between normal and elevated. Change your diet, more fresh vegetables, juices, less salt. Take a blood test to determine the level of cholesterol.

Hello. To me of 18 years, 2 years I am excruciated by pressure 130-140. Yesterday at me in the afternoon the pressure has risen 130 heads ached terribly, all rustles irritated. Today I started to get up all right in the morning, but after an hour my head ached again and the pressure of 138 rose to 83 pulses 90. I drank the tablet "Enapril", after a while my head became dizzy, my head aches and weakness, and when I get up, The head is spinning and there are black spots in the eyes. Please tell me, what is it, what to do?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-01-05

Anastasia, you do not have such a high blood pressure,to drink such serious drugs as Enapril. Increased pressure, which must be reduced, this pressure is higher than 140/90. Enapril, is prescribed when the lower indicator of pressure is above 110. You need to undergo a medical examination, starting with the therapist, then to the neurologist, to check the cardiovascular system. With a headache associated with increased pressure, you can drink Noshpu or Drotaverin, you can Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin). Reconsider your way of life, diet. More fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, especially vegetables. Walks in the open air. Drink a course of vitamin.

Good afternoon. My husband had an ischemic stroke in September. There are no neurological symptoms. But the swelling was extensive. We have problems with pressure. During the day, it constantly rises. We drink in the morning concor 2.5 mg. At lunch, Vasar 89 mg half and evening half. But during the day, the pressure rises anyway. You have to use nifidipil 3-4 times a day. The diet is salt-free, sweet excluded, weight dropped 25 kg. What is the reason? The doctor says you drink what you ordered. How to be?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-01-09

Anna, cancel, the drugs that the doctor appointed,in your situation it is impossible. High blood pressure can trigger a second stroke. The reasons for high pressure are many, one of them is a genetically engineered mechanism, in this case, the pressure will be reduced only by pills. Other causes, blood clots in the vessels, diseases of the cardiovascular system. You can consult with another specialist, undergo additional tests, you may be recommended other drugs that reduce blood pressure.

Hello, I'm 19 and I often get pressure, there is dizziness, nonsense often. What to do? Help me.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-01-19

Marina unfortunately for a distance and little knowing aboutman, with such symptoms it is impossible to help. Therefore, it is better for you to see a doctor, the therapist is engaged in the treatment of pressure. With the causes of dizziness and delirium will help to understand a neurologist.

Hello, my mother is 77 years old, the pressure has risen170/90. Like I shot down to 140, and dizziness and nausea do not pass for 3 days already. When lying on the right side everything swims, swims before your eyes, it makes you sick, on your left side it's normal. What is it? Prompt how to be.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-01-23

Maryam, the symptoms that you describe, have nothing to do with high pressure. It is necessary to consult a doctor, a neurologist. Make an MRI of the head, neck.

Hello, my mom 3 days ago the pressure rose 203 to 110. Can you please tell me what to do? Doctors at us here any. Thank you in advance.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-02-07

Julia, hypertension often occursasymptomatically, apparently your mother has long been under high pressure, she just did not feel it until it reached such high figures. Now you need to consult a therapist, you will be prescribed a drug to reduce the pressure that your mom should take every day, throughout life. Usually this is Enap or Enalapril. It is necessary to take a blood test for determining the level of cholesterol. Do not delay the visit to the doctor, high blood pressure can cause a stroke.

To the son of 2,5 years, this morning at it the head has begun to feel dizzy and speaks, that hurts in temples. When I tasted the whiskey with my fingers, I felt a ripple in them. Tell me what can be?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-02-14

Paul, address to the children's neurologist. It is necessary to conduct a survey. Perhaps the child has intracranial pressure.

My right arm hurts in the shoulders and my pressure is increasing for 48 years. Write please how to be? Thank you in advance.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-02-14

Valentine, before you treat, you need to know thattreat. Address to the doctor the therapist, it is necessary to make an electrocardiogram. If the pressure rises, it is necessary to take a blood test to determine the level of cholesterol, and if necessary, take drugs, both from pressure and to lower cholesterol in the blood. Perhaps the pain in his hand, this is a symptom of the disease of the spine, all this is necessary to find out. Do not delay visit to the doctor.

Hello. To me 24 years systematically the raised pressure 130 / 80-140 / 90 is strongly disturbed by strong headaches, each rust is unpleasant. Problems have appeared approximately since September (at the same time got a job, frequent emotional, stressful situations). Blood tests were normal, the doctor said. The cause of increased blood pressure can not tell me. Has attributed to drink two months of biotenosis. By the way, I have never smoked, I do not drink, I'm doing sport in moderation. What is the cause of the increase in pressure and how to treat it?

> Evgenia Vladimirovna, the doctor nothing reallysays what and why. The question arises: how to learn from what and how to treat? The pressure rises not every day, it sometimes rises when there is no emotional and stressful situation. What can you say about the medicine that the doctor (bivotenz) prescribed to me? Kidney ultrasound is worth doing? VSD can affect the increase in pressure? Thank you in advance.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-02-17

Ruslan, hypertension is asymptomatic,increased pressure in case of stress (hypertension) can occur with stress. You need to make sure that you have hypertension or are still affected by stress. To do this, measure the pressure in the morning after sleeping and before going to bed. The causes of hypertension are many. In the first place is a genetic predisposition, then hypercholesterolemia (also a genetic disease), endocrine diseases, kidney disease also often contributes to increased blood pressure. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle, too, can not always get rid of high blood pressure.

> Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-02-17
Ruslan, a preparation of Bivotenz, a good preparation, astimes for the initial degree of hypertension. Uzi of kidneys does not hurt, with the result it is best to turn to a nephrologist, it is good to consult an endocrinologist. Vegetosovascular dystonia as a diagnosis of a specific, does not exist. All that can not be explained can be called a diagnosis of the VSD. I can advise, take a survey, if there are no serious abnormalities, refuse salt, you can fully or partially. Go in for sports, watch the pressure, if necessary, reduce medication.

Hello! I have constant headaches, dizziness and slight hallucinations, high blood pressure. The thing is, I'm only 17 years old. Can there be hypertension at this age? And can you cure this without a doctor? What tablets can I take?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-02-21

Catherine, high blood pressure rarely flowswith symptoms. Develops usually at the age of 30 is the earliest age. If the pressure rises at such an early age, then this may be a signal about serious illnesses, such as kidneys, or endocrine disorders, or a brain tumor. So, that without a doctor in any way, you need to undergo a survey and determine what caused your illness.

Lysinopril-Teva please tell me at what pressure is taken?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-03-05

Irina preparations of this group are taken with a stably high pressure of 160/100 and higher.

Hello, Doctor. I am 30 years old. How many myself I remember always lived with increased blood pressure, I have a stable about 170 to 110. Physicians sometimes visited but did not take anything as it did not bother. But for the last year I have already observed this situation, the pressure started to increase even more, the maximum was 190 for 125, began to notice tingling in the region of the entire left hand, as well as partially in the chest (tingling temporary but unpleasant as if stuck with needles or midges bite). Very frightened, I thought there would be a stroke or something like that. And most recently, problems began at all, the pressure is not stable and pain (tingling in the heart) appeared. Have gone to the doctor, he has written out tablets from pressure. I drank one and suffered a half a day, it got worse, and the doctor told me to drink another one, I did not drink. What is this tingling and what does it say? Is it so bad?

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-03-11

Sergei, of course, everything is bad. It's unclear why you are not being treated. If you think that your "working pressure" is high, then this is stupidity. There are normal pressure readings, this is a maximum of 139/85, there is no concept of working and not working. If you do not care, it does not mean that there will not be a stroke, hypertension is an asymptomatic illness, a quiet killer, it's called. If you think that at 30 you can not have a stroke or heart attack, then you are wrong again. It is necessary to approach the issue of treatment responsibly, so as not to become an invalid at the age of 30.

Prompt please, from what such can be. There is a pressure of 160/110 and I feel good, it is 170-180 / 110 and I call an ambulance. I am 25 years old. There is chronic pyelonephritis and vegetovascular.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-03-23

Eugenia, you have hypertension and you need to treat it,daily intake of the drug from the pressure, and do not watch how you feel at a pressure of 180/110. Hypertensive illness is called a "silent killer"; you may not feel like you have a stroke.

Hello, my husband is already complaining about the wadded and numb feet, he does not feel his legs, he has high blood pressure, what can it be?

Hello, Doctor. My pressure is 110/80, but today at work, I suddenly felt dizzy and fell. I started to go up but why did I throw in different directions. Have you measured the pressure of 150/100 you can find out the reason and what to do? Thank you.

Evgenia Vladimirova 2016-04-12

Svetlana, you need to undergo examination attherapist, you may still need to consult a cardiologist. Judging by the fact that the pressure you had was 150/100, most likely you have hypertensive disease, but whether this is the reason for the loss of consciousness I can not say. Often, hypertension is asymptomatic. Consult a doctor for blood tests, the situation will clear up.