Edema on foot after injury

[email protected] Enlightened (22854) 7 years ago

If you have not tried then put the leavescabbage. Do more ointment. Take 2 tbsp. spoonful of duck or chicken fat / already baked / to stir in it 1 tbsp. a spoonful of mustard powder and 4 cloves of extruded garlic. You can add a few drops of mint oil. but you can and do. Thoroughly knead and rub the bruised area. I wish you health.

Tatiana Yakimova Orakul (63645) 7 years ago

better ask a surgeon!

Tata Master (2201) 7 years ago

Apply a compress of snow for about 10 minutes, then tightly bandaged. Keep the cold long it is not necessary.

Natasha Zotova Master (1618) 7 years ago

For 20 minutes, then apply to remove for 1 hour then again for 20 minutes so 3-4 times, and on the next day you need to apply ointment from strokes, in the pharmacy they will advise what

Gella Profi (895) 7 years ago

Edema is treated cold for the first 2 days (while heis formed). then you need to warm up - so that the ointment of troxevasin clears up to the place of the bruise. (and the cold on the leg - just ice in the freezer do it). And apply an elastic bandage.

Nadezhda Matruk Expert (447) 7 years ago

Take the most convenient frozen product in a towel and apply it to a sore spot. 10 min. keep 5 relaxing. Get well!

NATALYA PILIPENKO Pupil (196) 7 years ago

Cold only the first day after the impact, with an interval of 15 minutes. Then a tight bandage and peace, if it's exactly bruised.

Svetlana Guru (2799) 7 years ago

The same chip! Nothing helped. Used ointment "Bipanten", "Indovazin", "Troxevasin". On nedelke each ointment.

marusya klimova Pupil (133) 7 years ago

About cold is the right advice: you need to narrow the blood vessels and prevent the onset of a hematoma, well, and the pain subsides appreciably.
There are such plants - BODYAGA and ARNICA, "alive" Ithey did not meet, but used ointment repeatedly, when the son came all in bruises after football. "Rescuer" and "Healer" (with leeches) "are also very helpful in coping with the consequences.

In general, here's a good article from "AiF", there everything is written in detail how to treat the consequences of bruises and stretching.

Nobody Mudrets (14415) 7 years ago

cold apply only in the first hours. apply a tight bandage (but do not overtighten, as if by a tourniquet, just tightly). it is possible to do compresses alcohol. but if it's been 7 days already, and the swelling does not fall off, then you have to go to the surgeon. and even earlier. suddenly injured periosteum, prescribe treatment. Do not over tighten!