Edema of the feet with monthly

Pain in the legs often worries women during pregnancy thatis due to natural changes in the body. Sometimes pain happens during menstruation, during the menopause, it persists for some time after childbirth. Often these phenomena are temporary and are not considered pathology, but are sometimes a symptom of chronic diseases of the lower limbs.

Causes of leg pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a huge load for the bodywomen, resulting in pain symptoms of a temporary nature, usually occurring after childbirth. Pain in the legs is more intense in later periods due to an increase in the load on the musculoskeletal system. The appearance of pain, as a rule, occurs against a background of chronic inflammatory process in the joints, aggravated against the background of pregnancy.

Causes of pain in the legs with monthly

Foot pain associated with menstruation is characteristicfor many women. The substances produced in this period of the body, identical in their chemical composition with hormones, cause very strong uterine contractions. Pain during menstruation can accompany various infections of the reproductive system in women.

Causes of leg pain with menopause

During the menopause, the female body is experiencingcomplete hormonal reorganization, which is a considerable stress, often there is a shortage of certain minerals and trace elements, for example calcium - all this provokes the appearance of pain in the legs. The development of osteoporosis during the menopause is promoted by increased fragility of bones due to a lack of hormones. Climacteric arthritis is another potential cause of pain in the legs.

Causes of leg pain after childbirth

Postnatal pain in the legs is mainly associated with a strong sprain or rupture of ligaments, muscles, tendons during labor.

Clinical manifestations of pain in the legs during pregnancy

Pregnant women periodically notice pain inlegs of a different nature, due to calcium deficiency in the body. Because of this, the contractility of muscle tissue is disturbed, which can cause spontaneous, fast-passing convulsions and spasms, usually at night and in the last months of pregnancy. The appearance of seizures and promotes high levels of progesterone in the blood. Increased pressure on the lower limbs leads to a violation of the venous circulation, which also causes the onset of pain. Varicose veins often accompany pregnancy. In the case of the appearance of vascular asterisks or capillary hemorrhages on your feet, it is best to contact your gynecologist.

The presence of excess fluid in the body of a pregnant woman is often the cause of edema and pain of a pulsating nature in the lower extremities.

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Clinical manifestations of pain in the legs with monthly

If during the monthly period is regularly presentpain in the legs, do not neglect the advice of a doctor. Usually, the cause of the pain symptom is an increased level of hormones, which leads to a violation of the venous outflow of blood. Often there is swelling of the lower extremities.

Clinical manifestations of leg pain with menopause

Pain in the legs is noted in almost allwomen in the menopause, which is due to natural changes in the body. Most often is aching permanent character and strongly depends on the vagaries of nature.

Clinical manifestations of pain in the legs after childbirth

Postnatal stretching of the pelvic floor muscles andthe backbone is accompanied by a pain in the lower back, turning into the legs, weakness in the legs. Weakened by the action of hormones, the vertebrae pressurize each other more than usual and cause pain, as well as the need to lift a child and something heavy can exacerbate the already existing diseases of the spine.

Diagnosis of pain in the legs during pregnancy - with menstruation, with menopause, after childbirth

The most acceptable method of diagnosis iscareful collection of anamnesis, external examination and anthropological measurements of the pregnant woman. Thus, it is possible to identify the physiological causes of the onset of pain. Important is the presence of chronic diseases, which could worsen during pregnancy.

Blood test for hormones and the presence of pathogenicmicroflora is often prescribed with pain in the legs during menstruation. Postpartum pain most often go away with time. Women in the menopause also suffer from pain in the legs of a different nature, which can only be determined by a doctor.

Prevention of pain in the legs during pregnancy - with menstruation, with menopause, after childbirth

Pregnant women are recommended very strictlycontrol your weight and monitor the appearance of edema. Correct, rational and balanced nutrition - prevention of pain in the legs. Exercising physical exercises and regular walking tours very positively affect the body of a pregnant woman.

The doctor-gynecologist will tell you which medications are indicated for the relief of the condition and for the medical purpose.