Edema of the foot with thrombosis

Edema with vein thrombosis can be of different disposition. Symmetric edema of the lower extremities, due to venous stasis, is observed with thrombosis of vena ilias. Edema in such cases is formed in a short time and is preceded by common septic phenomena.

Unilateral congestive edema of the legs is formed whenthrombosis of the femoral vein (vena femoralis). Edema covers almost the entire limb, and usually the thrombosed place feels like a painful uneven tract, the skin over which is hyperemic.

Vascular thrombosis develops more often with prolonged andsevere infectious diseases. But this can also happen with prolonged delay of the needle for injection with intravenous fluid infusion. Edema, which are formed under such conditions, in children in general are rare.

Swelling is also observed in some collagenoses. as, for example, nodular periarteritis. when the changes are covered and renal vessels.

With some other collagenoses, the edema of the skin differs significantly from soft edema of allergic origin. as is observed when dermatomyositis. It is formed in various places: on the face, around the eyes, on the distal parts of the hands, sometimes around the joints. The skin in the area of ​​the edema is dense and very sensitive when palpated. Its color is reddish and often expressed in a purple hue.

At the same time, the musculature of areas covered by inflammation is also compacted and its mobility is limited. Often these changes are accompanied by a red urticaria rash.

Such limited skin changes are also observed with progressive limited skin scleroderma. formed isolated rounded or stripedChanges that represent the reddish swelling of the various skin areas and especially the face. neck and limbs. It turns into a seal, and after that the skin in these places slowly atrophies. This process usually expands.

Relatively often there is swelling of the skin around the focal inflammation, for example, with cervical or inguinal lymphadenitis. osteomyelitis, perinephritic abscess, arthritis. The density of collateral edema is different. It depends on the intensity of the inflammatory process and its proximity to the skin.

With phlegmon, the skin is compacted, hyperemic and painful when palpated. When anthrax Swelling is usually mild and with a tendency to quicklyexpand. In some cases, anthrax pustule is insignificant - it is observed only in the form of a small painless vesicle with limited necrosis in the center, and the edema around it is large, usually pale and insensitive, and the general condition of the patient is severe.

Edema during stinging and biting by insects (bee, wasp,scorpion, spider) may be limited or extensive, often accompanied by itching and burning. The temperature does not usually rise (or is rarely slightly elevated). Edema appears quickly after a bite and almost always its place is found, about which it is possible to collect and anamnestic information.

With edema of the eyelids or the entire face, the history data are important for establishing trichinosis. It develops after the incubation period - for a period of 8 to 12 days after consumption of pork, infected Trichin. and usually many people get sick at the same time.

In this case, it is important to establish the precedingphenomena from the digestive system - acute stomach pain accompanied by fever, after which there are acute muscle pains, possibly a rash on the skin and high eosinophilia (up to 80%).