What to do with swelling of the feet

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With leg edema you have to fight regularlymany people, but often this work does not bring the desired results, because we do not think about why our legs swell, what causes the swelling of the legs, and we struggle only with the consequences.
Here it was said to visit a doctor.
. If the swelling of the legs are due to a violation of the musculoskeletal system, special attention should be paid to selecting the right footwear: comfortable, with a small heel and not too narrow.

2. Often feet swell due to the presence of excess fluid in the body. Diuretics based on herbs help to solve this problem. Drink a decoction of berries and elderberries or prepare a drink from astragalus. To do this, take 10 g of grass, steam with boiling water, cool, strain and consume two to three st. spoon several times a day for several weeks. Another useful recipe: mix several st. spoons and field horsetail, then 1 tsp mixture of herbs steamed in a glass of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour and strain. Use 1 tbsp. spoon of infusion after a meal 3 times a day. After 3 days, take a break for one day, and then again take an infusion of 3 days - repeat this scheme for 3 weeks
My legs swell - what should I do?
One of the easiest solutions for swelling of the legs -doing cooling procedures. For example, you can make a foot bath with cold water and add sea or ordinary salt to it. Immerse your feet in the water for 10 minutes, and then easily massage the outflowed areas, moving from the bottom up. Also, cold pans with an extract of needles or rubbing with ice cubes help to remove puffiness. But water procedures with hot water are categorically contraindicated for people with varicose veins, since heating provokes vasodilation and promotes stagnant phenomena.
For rapid removal of swelling of the legs, make a mask ofgarlic. Take the head of garlic, pass it through the press, steal a glass of boiling water and allow to cool. Apply the resulting mass to swollen places and lie down for half an hour, and then rinse.
Ready-made medicines can also beuse to fight swelling of the feet. Get in the pharmacy special ointments based on heparin, rutin or horse chestnut (Troxevasin, Lyoton, etc.). Such ointments strengthen the vessels and relieve swelling.
If the foot swelling disturbs you constantly, do a set of exercises that prevents the development of stagnant phenomena in the lower limbs.
- Stop or jump a little on your socks;
- Sit on a chair and turn with your feet;
- Sitting, bend your toes, and then straighten them upright;
- In a standing position, roll from the heel to the toe, and then - from the inside of the foot to the outer one;
- Put one foot on the other and try to raise the toe of the lower foot as high as possible. Then change your legs and do the same.
In addition, people suffering from edema of the feet should pay more attention to their diet: avoid salty and sharp foods, do not overeat. Give up smoking and move more!

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Go to the doctor, find out the cause of edema and treat it.
In the meantime, reduce salt intake and move more.

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To be surveyed at the phlebologist first

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wrap it with a sockcloth. no kidding

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go to the therapist and find out the reason. can it be because of the heart or kidneys

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load on legs, do not carry bags. do not pull the calf's eggs.

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you can drink weak diuretics, but ideally see a doctor

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first start drinking the right water that will fall into each cell, and not gather in the intercellular fluid, then start to discharge the liquid medium and everything will be normal, ie no outflows