Diuretic teas with swelling of the feet

Diuretics for swelling of the feet

Edema is the accumulation of fluid in the intercellularspace. Edemas testify that in the body there was some kind of failure. Before taking diuretics with swelling of the feet, it is necessary to consult a doctor and establish the cause of their occurrence.

To combat leg swelling, you can use the following medicamental and folk remedies:

1. Furosemide. This drug belongs to diuretics. Furosemide is very fast. This drug, for all its effectiveness, tends to wash out of the body a large number of useful trace elements, which is why it should be used only occasionally.

2. Diakarb. Activate this drug begins only two hours after admission. Its duration is 10 hours. It is not recommended to take this drug for longer than five days.

3. Decoction of birch buds, leaves of bearberry, juniper fruits and cowberry leaves. Equal parts of the listed ingredientsit is necessary to mix together in one bowl. Then one tablespoon of the finished herbal mixture is poured into one glass of boiling water. Within fifteen minutes, the broth should be boiled over low heat. After cooling, the product must be filtered and taken five times a day by a dessert spoon.

4. Dandelion. It helps to increase the content of potassium in the body and cope with edema. Three times in laziness you need to drink one full glass of decoction made from the leaves of a dandelion.

5. Syrup of red mountain ash. Collect fresh berries of red mountain ash and squeeze outthem juice. In the finished juice, you need to add sugar and cook the mass as a normal jam over a small fire until it thickens. Ready syrup should be taken two teaspoons a day. You can add it to tea.

Do not take too muchdiuretics, otherwise the blood will increase the concentration of uric acid, which will provoke a gout attack, cause a clotting disorder and blood clots. In addition, joint pain can occur.