The cause of swelling of the legs in pregnant women

On the occurrence of stagnant phenomena in the lowerextremities due to the pressure of the uterus on the veins of the pelvis, the body can respond not only to varicose veins, but also to the swelling of the legs in pregnant women - sometimes very pronounced. When swelling of the feet during pregnancy it is also important that the amount of blood in the body of a pregnant woman has increased significantly and the heart does not always successfully cope with the increased load.

This "weakness" of the heart also creates favorableconditions for the appearance of stagnation in the farthest from the "center" parts of the body - that is, in the legs. The third negative factor is the excessive pressure experienced by the iliac veins, when you have to stand somewhere for a long time. For example, in a queue at a store or behind a coveted ticket to a concert hall. One of the causes of leg edema during pregnancy can also be a harmful addiction to salty dishes - to salted fish, for example. Overabundance of salt in the body - a very harmful factor, but getting rid of it is not difficult; you just have to make an effort and go on a salt-free diet. Also in your power to avoid situations that require an exhausting long standing; and if you had to stand somewhere, rest for half an hour in a horizontal position and with legs elevated to the chair.

Please note: Do not you take too much liquid for a day?

In any case - if you notice swelling in your bodylegs (suddenly the habitual worn out footwear became small, after pressing a finger on any site of a shin or foot some time there is a "dent"), hurry up to address for consultation to the doctor.