Sea salt from foot swelling

Pregnancy is a special condition in whichthere are no trifles. Do not you have shoes that have never been stitched? How much more weight does your weight gain per week? According to physiological norms during pregnancy, a woman should add between eight and twelve kilograms. After the twentieth week every 7 days, your weight gain should not be above 350 grams. Otherwise, there are swelling. How to get rid of them and not allow in the future?

How are swelling in pregnant women manifested?

Usually in the beginning during pregnancy swellfeet, then face, hands, belly. Swelling most often disturbs a woman during the day, after more or less prolonged walking. This is because the liquid falls down, accumulates on the feet, legs, ankles. With swelling, the skin becomes noticeably pale, smooth, tense, and a depression appears on it during pressure. If the legs regularly swell in the first half of pregnancy, this may indicate the development of a number of diseases. If the swelling of the legs is characteristic of the second half of pregnancy, this is one of the signs of gestosis (a violation of the process of adaptation of the female body to pregnancy).

Some swelling is visible to the naked eye. Others are hidden and represent a fluid retention in the body. Often, it can be associated with renal or cardiovascular pathology.

How to avoid leg swelling during pregnancy

Swelling of the legs can be significantly reduced if:

  • scrupulously follow their food: it is better to sit at the table five or six times a day, eat small portions, do not overeat;
  • make your diet useful, balanced, diverse; eat more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, greens, fish;
  • it is advisable to introduce dried apricots and raisins into your diet, it contains a lot of potassium, calcium and magnesium;
  • try to eat steamed or boiled foods; Avoid sharp, smoked, pickled foods, fast food;
  • it is worth remembering that salt affects the fluid retention in the body, so it is better to eat non-salted dishes, to watch how much salt you consume;
  • do not wear tight clothes and shoes;
  • do foot massage during the day;
  • Before going to sleep breathe fresh air;
  • try not to sit in one position for a long time;
  • do exercises - after consultation in this regard with the doctor; Swim in the pool.

How to get rid of leg swelling during pregnancy

You can drink phyto tea (a glass of broth is drunk during the day in three to four receptions, a course of three or four weeks):

  • from the juice of mountain ash;
  • collection of flowers from a cornflower, a bearberry leaf and licorice root;
  • lime broth.

But you can use diuretics only after consulting a doctor. Do not self-medicate, pregnancy needs over-care. Make yourself foot baths with sea salt, herbs or just cool water. In the supine position, raise the legs 10-15 centimeters above the trunk. These simple ways will help you reduce swelling of your legs.