What ointments from swelling of the feet

A large number of people are familiar withsuch a problem as leg edema - excess fluid accumulation in the area of ​​the lower extremities and a noticeable increase in their circumference. Moreover, many men and women from among those who suffer from this unpleasant phenomenon from time to time do not know what to do with it and how to effectively overcome it.

Some experts recommend that they drink as much as possibleless fluid, others advise to pay attention to certain physical exercises, and still others suggest using modern advances in medicine and get a good ointment from leg swelling.

Currently, pharmacies are verya wide range of such medicines. There are also gels aimed at relieving inflammation and symptomatic relief, and funds aimed at treating and getting rid of venous congestion, as well as compounds that help improve blood circulation. What kind of cream for leg edemas is suitable for each specific situation, only a qualified specialist can determine. However, there is a group of the most popular drugs with a minimum number of contraindications. As a rule, they are suitable for most people.

One of such means is "Lyoton" - ointmentfrom edema of the feet, the main action of which is aimed at relieving fatigue and treating varicose veins. In addition, you can note an anesthetic drug "Troxevasin", aimed at resorption of bruises, strengthening the walls of capillaries and veins. Very well known and heparin ointment from edema, improves blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect and eliminates microthrombi. It should be noted that a large number of funds with a similar spectrum of action is made on the basis of drawing from horse chestnut. Any ointment from the swelling of the legs, which includes this component, excellently withdraw excess fluid, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and significantly reduce swelling. In addition, many drugs contain substances such as rutin and heparin that favorably affect the entire capillary system and dilute the blood. Also, you can always take the recipes of traditional medicine and make ointment from the edema of the feet yourself.

So, for example, for tired legs thissalvation will be a mixture of twenty grams of castor oil and ten grams of turpentine. All this is heated, and then thoroughly mixed. Finished mixture should be well rubbed feet, then wrap them in a blanket. You can also finely chop the garlic, pour it with a glass of hot water and allow to cool. The resulting gruel should be applied to the feet, left for twenty to thirty minutes, then washed off. This recipe is excellent for people of any age who occasionally encounter swelling of the lower extremities and minor pain sensations associated with this phenomenon.

However, in any case it is important to understand that the most suitable treatment can be selected only by an experienced doctor during an individual examination and consultation.