Flax from swelling of the feet

Author Nina Vilisova | 2011-09-15

At the request of one of my readers, I decided to post an article on the topic - What to do when the legs swell?

The appearance of edema of the hands, feet, and sometimes the whole body- quite an unpleasant phenomenon. Edema can be characterized as an excess of fluid in the cavities of tissues with characteristic changes in shape and volume increase. Often swelling is a consequence of diseases of internal organs, joints, acute deep vein thrombosis, hypertension, pregnancy, or just fatigue of the legs and hands during physical exertion. Precisely because swelling of the legs and hands in most cases because of the underlying disease, getting rid of them is not easy. First, it is necessary to establish the cause of edema in order to cure the underlying disease. But since walking with swollen legs is unaesthetic and difficult, people have long learned to get rid of swelling with the help of herbs and folk remedies.

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But I want to note, if anyone either observespersistent puffiness, you need to be urgently examined to eliminate all sorts of serious causes of edema that may appear as a consequence of kidney, heart, vessel or liver diseases. If there is nothing serious, you can use folk remedies to eliminate swelling. Before using folk remedies. it would be better to clean the intestines. which is probably filled with mucus masses and mucus, since this may be another consequence of swelling of the lower extremities.

Folk Remedies for Foot Swelling

The most common remedy that will help get rid of swelling is flax seeds.

A little seeds (1 tsp) are poured with boiling water (1 liter) and boiled for 15 minutes. Cover the pan and give the seeds an hour to brew. Drink an infusion of hot every 1.5-2 hours for half a cup.

Another proven remedy for swelling of the hands and feet, which is recommended by folk medicine - birch leaves.

A cup of finely chopped birch leaves is poured with boiling water (1 liter) and salt is added (1 item spoonful). Insist leaves for 30-40 minutes. From the present make compresses of 5-6 per day.

With renal and cardiac edema, you can use an internal infusion of birch leaves.

As soon as the young foliage dissolves, you needto break down tender young leaves of birch (100 gr.) and pour warm water (0.5 liters). Leaves should be infused for 6-7 hours, then strain them and wring them. Another half an hour to give a tincture to stand up, so that a sediment will appear. Then gently pour clean without sediment liquid and take three times a day.

Very often swelling of the legs after surgery or a prolonged course of antibiotic treatment, annoy the weakened person. A proven remedy for such complications and swelling is the hips.

This berry is a pantry of health, a symbol of longevityand an excellent means for cleaning the body, and besides it is an indispensable diuretic. On a glass of boiled water put 2-3 tea spoons of a dogrose and allow to be insisted. A serving is drunk a day. You can spend a 10-day course, take a break (7-10 days) and repeat the cleaning.

With age, when you need to think about unloadingkidney, heart and fight with puffiness, you must include fresh cucumbers in the menu. Many healers and healers recommend cucumber juice and cucumbers. as a wonderful diuretic for swelling of the feet. When you have swelling, instead of just drinking, squeeze out the juice from the cucumber. Remember that in addition to water, which occupies almost 97% in it, in the remaining 3% there is a wide range of useful nutrients and vitamins. The diuretic properties of cucumber are promoted by a large amount of potassium.

A bright yellow-orange season gave us anothera vegetable that emphasizes its belonging and kinship with the fall and tells you what to do with swelling of the feet. It's a pumpkin. The most distinctive property of a pumpkin is a diuretic effect. Modern nutritionists often appoint a pumpkin in kidney diseases, accompanied by swelling of the hands and feet. Only 0.5-1 glass of pumpkin per day will help to remove the heaviness of the legs and get rid of swelling.

A good collection of 8 herbs helps with swelling.

In equal shares take hawthorn, calendula, dryfruit of blueberry, leaves or hips, birch leaves, linden flowers, dry viburnum berries and plantain. A half-liter thermos is put in a small handful of collection and poured over with boiling water. The infusion is left overnight. Take infusion several times a day (course 3 months). Such a medicinal collection is rich in vitamins and beneficial substances, a good diuretic that helps to remove liquid from the body and eliminate puffiness.

Swelling of the feet in pregnant women is sufficienta common phenomenon. Before using infusions from swelling during pregnancy, it is better to consult a doctor. Conventional diuretics are not always safe to use in such cases, but it is also not necessary to leave edemas without attention. Unfortunately, this is not only difficult for the future mother, the placenta suffers from swelling, and therefore - the baby. Due to the deterioration of blood supply to the child does not receive a sufficient amount of useful substances, it receives less oxygen. Therefore, a caring mother, in the first place, you need to reduce fluid intake. Eating Morse from cranberries, it is rich in vitamins and well quenches thirst.

From the edema, tea from cranberries helps. Very often, the swelling of the legs by the evening is particularly noticeable. With evening swellings it is good to combine tea drinking with foot baths from leaves of grapes, needles or sea salt.

Remember that any change in your externalkind, is connected with infringements in work of an organism, concern to a problem responsibly and thoughtfully, do not hurry to use expensive preparations and medicines. The "God's" pharmacy is rich in gifts that will bring you health and joy from every minute you have lived on Earth. I hope this article was useful to you! But this is not all about swelling! In the future, you will learn a few more factors that affect the onset of edema. To do this, subscribe to updates to my blog!

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