Quickly get rid of foot swelling

In the evening, any shoes become small, and in the morning without tears you can not look at yourself in the mirror? Edema is a frequent and often not dangerous problem. But doctors have a different opinion.

As you know, a person approximately 70% consists ofwater. About 2/3 of the total fluid volume is inside the cells, 1/3 - in the intercellular space. An increase in the volume fraction of the latter is called edema.

The reasons can be many, but in any case it issignal about a malfunction in the body. And often belated: excess fluid can reach several liters, before this or that disease begins to manifest itself clinically.
So we learn the main rule: propensity to edema is an essential reason to consult a doctor. But to which one?

Inflammatory. Most often associated with inflammatory diseases of the veins (phlebitis or thrombophlebitis). Legs turn red, seem hot to the touch, hurt at rest and with palpation. Most often, such edema develops only on one leg or arm.

WHAT TO DO. On a visit to phlebologist it is better not to delay. The problem is not in swelling, but in the main disease: the formed thrombi can come off and go into the "big" bloodstream, causing a blockage of various vessels, up to the pulmonary artery.

Allergic. Develop very quickly - for example, a few seconds after the bite of an insect (a classic example - a blister after a mosquito bite). Often accompanied by itching and redness, it is possible the appearance of small-scale rash. The edema is tight, the skin seems taut.

• Rings on the fingers in the morning dress freely, and in the evening are very difficult to remove.
• In the evening it is difficult or impossible to wear narrow shoes or other hard shoes.
• Without apparent cause, the weight increased by several kilograms per month.
• If you press your thumb on the front of the lower leg, there is a hole that does not straighten for a very long time.

WHAT TO DO. Local allergic reaction is not a reason for panic. It is enough to lubricate the bite site with an anti-inflammatory ointment with corticosteroids and to drink an antihistamine pill. But the general reaction, called Quincke's edema, as well as anaphylactic shock, are extremely serious, requiring immediate medical intervention. It is almost impossible to help oneself in this situation. In the future, an allergist will consult in order to know exactly their "problem" allergens.

When there is a violation of venous outflow. Swelling is usually mild or moderate in thickness, the skin is warm, with a bluish tinge. In this case, the signs of the underlying disease are evident, that is, varicose veins. Localization - either on one leg, or both, but then the swelling is uneven (asymmetric). Occur after a working day or load (for example, if you have stood for a long time).

WHAT TO DO. You can help yourself by various means - from wearing compression knitwear and using contrast baths to applying gels with heparin. But it is better, if even such simple means of treatment will be picked up by phlebologist. And then it will control your condition at least once every six months. How to treat varicose veins - read here.

When there is a lymphatic outflow. Edema is tight, with pressure, the fossa does not remain. First, the ankle swells, then the shin, sometimes the knee. Then another leg swells, but not so distinctly. In most cases, there is a clear boundary between the swollen and non-swollen parts of the limb. Skin color does not change. Such edemas practically do not depend on the load and time of the day, they are kept constantly and most often are associated with age-related changes in lymphatic vessels after 40 years.

WHAT TO DO. Lymphatic edema is one of the most difficult. At least because they do not remove the usual means at home. Nevertheless, phlebologists every year there are more and more drugs, and hardware cosmetology has moved far ahead. So we will not put up with the costs of age, go to the doctor.

A very unpleasant problem is hidden swelling,which are with many diseases. As the name suggests, a person can not suspect them for a long time until the situation worsens. Only a doctor can reveal hidden swelling - for this there is a diagnostic test, the so-called McClure test. 0.2 ml of physiological solution is injected intradermally into the inner surface of the forearm. In a healthy person, resorption occurs in 60-90 minutes, if there are hidden swelling, 30-40 minutes is enough.

Premenstrual edema. Appear clearly on the calendar, in the second half of the cycle, and reach a maximum before the onset of menstruation. Their development is associated with a deficiency in the function of the yellow body. Edema symmetrical, in the region of the ankles, in hot weather are more pronounced. May be accompanied by headache, weakness, sleep disturbance, increased irritability and wolfish appetite. All symptoms disappear after menstruation.

WHAT TO DO. If such edemas do not cause special troubles, you can simply follow the basic rules that mitigate the symptoms of PMS. But it is better to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist: there is a possibility that in your case you can choose effective medications.

Heart. Caused by the development of heart failure. Appear gradually, their appearance is preceded by a more or less prolonged period of dyspnea. "Cardiac" edema is always symmetrical: first the ankles (with swelling in the morning), then the swelling can go up to the hips. The skin in the zone of the swelling is stretched, cold to the touch, pale blue.

WHAT TO DO. Without a visit to the cardiologist can not do. He will select the main treatment, among which will be drugs that help reduce edema. Independently they will not pass never.

Kidney. They are associated with various kidney lesions and are caused by sodium retention in the body, along with which water is retained. A characteristic feature - soft, dough-like edemas appear in the morning, after sleeping, most often on the face, less often on the hands. The oedematous skin is dry, pale, sometimes shiny, atrophic. Another characteristic symptom is "floating" swelling, which moves fairly quickly when the body position changes. Sometimes swelling occurs after a person ate a good piece of watermelon.

WHAT TO DO. Diuretics can be drunk only if there is complete confidence in the absence of kidney pathology. Otherwise, the therapy should appoint a nephrologist with a view of the kidneys: too many nuances. At least give an urine test and do not delay the visit to a specialist: with the kidneys do not joke.

Edemas - excess fluid accumulation in tissuesbody, subcutaneous tissue. Edema is a symptom of heart disease complicated by heart failure, kidney disease, can occur with liver cirrhosis, fasting, with pregnancy pathology. To cure swelling, you need to treat the underlying disease, against which they appeared.

Get rid of edema folk remedies:

Birch leaves from swelling on legs.

If your legs swell, take fresh,preferably not very old birch leaves. Cut them finely to make a glass. Pour them 1 liter of boiling water, add 1 tablespoon of salt. Insist half an hour. And then with this infusion 5-6 times a day to do compresses on the legs. After such procedures, swelling subsides quickly, legs return to normal.
From edemas take infusion of birch leaves. It helps with both renal and cardiac edema. Just leaves need spring, young, because summer is not so useful, they can accumulate toxic substances. 100 g of leaves I finely chopped, and then pour 2 cups of warm boiled water. To not ruin everything useful, do not fill the leaves with boiling water - just warm water. Leave to infuse for 5-6 hours, then strain and wring out. Give the received infusion to settle, that there was a deposit. We do not need it, so after settling, pour the infusion to get rid of the sediment. Take infusion of half a cup 3 times daily before meals. The swelling from you will go down.

A collection that will relieve swelling.

Take in equal proportions the fruits of hawthorn,flowers of lime, flowers of marigold, a leaf of a bilberry, hips, a leaf of a birch, fruits of a guelder-rose, a leaf of a plantain. 2 tablespoons pre-chopped collection pour 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos, insist night. Take 1 / 3-1 / 4 cup 3-4 times a day. Course 2-3 months. You can drink and during pregnancy, but before consulting with a doctor.

You will need a fresh whole parsley plant,together with the root. Wash well and pass through a meat grinder. You should have a glass of such green mass. Transfer it into the thermos bottle and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Night to insist. In the morning strain and wring out. In the infusion obtained, add the juice of one lemon. You need to drink a full liquid for a day in 3 divided doses. You can take the infusion regardless of food. Take it 2 days in a row. Then take a break for 3 days and again repeat the 2-day treatment. You immediately notice that the body began to drain fluid, that swelling is lost.

Ash of the beans from swelling.

You need to take the stems of a regular bean. They need to be burned to get ash. It is more convenient to do this on a metal baking sheet. Then the ash is ground into a powder and sieved. Pour it into a glass jar with a tight lid. Take from the swelling by 1/2 ch. Spoons of ash, mixed with 1 teaspoon of vodka, be sure to wash it with water, 3 times a day. A wonderful remedy for swelling.

Flax seeds will remove excess liquid.

Take 1 tsp. flax seed and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Put on fire and simmer for 15 minutes. Then close the dishes with a lid and insist in a warm place for 1 hour. Drink the infusion hot for 0.5 st. every 2 hours. In total, 6-8 receptions are needed per day. And so for 2-3 weeks depending on the state of health.

The recipe of the Austrian physician Rudolf Brois from swelling of the feet.

Watermelon is an ordinary one from swelling.

From edemas will help watermelon peel. To prepare the broth, dry powdered watermelon crust pour water in a ratio of 1:10 and boil for about five minutes. Then cool the broth, strain and take half a glass 3-4 times a day.

Dill odorous from swelling.

1 tbsp. l. seeds of dill fill with 300 ml of boiling water, insist in a thermos. Drink in the morning and before going to bed for 150 ml for 3 weeks. Then 3 days break and again the treatment is repeated.

Grape leaves from edema.

With thrombophlebitis, edema on the feet will helpgrape leaves, take 50 grams of raw materials, brew it in 3 liters of water and take a foot bath. If you do this regularly for 3 months, then the walls of the vessels will be significantly strengthened, blood circulation will improve, edema will disappear.

Cowberry will relieve swelling.

From edema of the feet it is advisable to take the extractcranberry leaf (3 times a day for half a glass before eating). This extract also has a significant anti-inflammatory effect, which is enhanced in an alkaline environment. To create an alkaline environment in the stomach, you can drink half a cup of alkaline mineral water (for example, Borjomi) or even a solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon per glass) before taking the cowberry leaf.
- In order not to allow the washing out of potassium from the body when taking a diuretic, it is necessary to include in the diet products with an increased content (baked potatoes, cabbage, dried apricots, beans).
- When swelling is edible, it is useful to eatas much as possible vegetables, greens, fruits and berries. Diuretic action such as celery, parsley, onion, garlic, watermelon, pumpkin, blackcurrant, grapes, as well as dairy products - kefir, curdled milk, cottage cheese. Instead of regular tea and drinks it is useful to drink infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants.

Pumpkin ordinary will relieve swelling.

Pumpkin juice drink half a glass a day for various swelling.

Highlander pochechuyny - an excellent remedy for edema.

Infusion of mountaineer pochechuynogo (water pepper) drinkwith swelling at 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day before meals. Prepare it this way: 1 tbsp. Spoon the herbs pour 1 glass of hot water, keep in a water bath for 15 minutes, filter. The resulting infusion is diluted with boiled water to the original volume.

Horsetail from swelling.

1 tbsp. A spoonful of chopped herb horsetail is brewed with 2 cups of boiling water, it is insisted for 2 hours, it is filtered. Take 2-3 tbsp. spoons 5-6 times a day. Read the contraindications. Course - 3 weeks.

Carrot tops will help with swelling.

With kidney diseases, edema will help carrottops. The plant should be dried and grinded well. And to apply it simply: a tablespoon of raw materials should be poured a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour. Drink infusion should be half a cup 3 times a day. For kidneys this is a real balm. The infusion will clear them, bring out excess fluid, and also improve the heart activity.

Dried apricots and dill from edema.

Get rid of swelling infusion of dried apricots or dill. Rinse the dried fruits with warm water, chop, pour boiling water, leave for 6 hours in a closed enameled container. With concealed edema per 1 liter of water take from 100 g of dried fruits, with obvious swelling - up to 200 g. If you want to sweeten the drink, it is better to take not sugar, but honey or fructose.