Has exited the right leg or foot that to do or make

11. Brunette Ksiu | | 01.01.2008, 16:05:49 [1748992308]

And you were not recently in any exoticcountries? I seriously ask, recently watched a BBC documentary about parasites in the body cheovek, it tells the story of some kind of worms that clog blood ducts (usually in the legs) that causes swelling and developed a disease called elephantiasis, from her affected limb hideously swollen in the 10s again, I was in shoke.Ochen hope that you have no place recently not rest, or even 3 years nazad.Ili just remember, you can it still injures can not be that it just swelled up. Good luck.

12. mutabor some | | 01.01.2008, 17:07:22 [4153325223]

Auntie, and my waist and ass suddenly swelled. What could it be?

13. zhivotnye around | | 01.01.2008, 17:14:32 [3101830882]

Author, how old are you?If the young-can be reactive arthritis-develops after intestinal infections or ZPPP.Esli after 35-40, and even pregnant (after childbirth), so there may be a deep vein thrombosis of the lower leg-it is urgent to do doppler vessels and begin treatment with anticoagulants. here is not a place for consultations.

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