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  • Rhinoplasty is a kind of plastic surgery, which is mainly done exclusively for.
  • Amputation is cutting off the peripheral part of the limb throughout the bone. Withdrawal of a part.
  • It's not a secret for anyone that over time, due to natural changes in the female body, the chest.
  • If fifteen years ago plastic surgery was the last resort for victims.
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Probably, practically every person on earth is familiar with swelling of the feet. As causes of edema it is not surprising that they are extremely common.

If you have leg swelling. What to do with this? The first advice of any doctor will be, of course, to take tests, before visiting a therapist who will refer you to a urologist, phlebologist, cardiologist, etc.

Correctly identified cause will make it possible to eliminate swelling in general. Here's how to deal with edema here and now?

Some doctors say that the cause of edema of the legs are weak muscles. They explain this by the fact that the muscles do not work well and this significantly worsens the outflow of lymph and blood in them. As a consequence, due to lymph circulation and circulatory disorders, swelling of the feet. What to do in this case?

Usually this is observed in people whose work involves a long sitting in the office.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles

2. Birch (semi-birch) is an excellent gymnastics for the spine, which improves the blood supply to the organs of the small pelvis and tones the muscles of the back and the press.

4. Exercises for the muscles of the chest with dumbbells.

If you regularly do such a simple workout, the condition of your legs should improve.

Trays from feet swelling

With edema of the feet, women are mostly familiar: habits of sitting with crossed legs and wearing uncomfortable shoes with high heels do not pass without a trace, and soon we still have beautiful, but by the evening slightly swollen feet. If you are worried about leg swelling. what to do, what procedures to apply? You can help feet with trays based on medicinal plants.

1. In a bath with water (1 liter) with a temperature of 30 to 35 degrees, you need to add a tablespoon of mustard (or sea salt, which is much preferable). If swelling occurs very often. it is advisable to drink a diuretic (better, homeopathic), which will remove unnecessary water from the body.

2. An invigorating bath that removes swelling will be obtained if you boil a glass of lemon peel (or any other citrus) in 1, 5 liters of water and let the broth brew and cool down to an acceptable room temperature, lower the feet into the broth for 20 minutes.

3. Pour a tablespoon of horsetail leaves (chopped) with boiling water and cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Then strain the broth and, pouring it into the pelvis, add one more liter of water. The bath should be taken for 20 minutes.

4. In 1, 5 liters of water, throw 1 tbsp willow bark and 2 tbsp - oak bark. Cook the broth for 10 minutes on low heat, then strain and, when it cools down, lower the legs into it for 15-20 minutes. This bath should be done every day, after washing.

Swelling of the legs? What to do. if the treatment does not help? Perhaps you should consider several simple rules that help to avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon.

1. The heel is fine, but if your legs swell, try not to wear it constantly. Prefer soft shoes without a heel or wear replacement shoes for work or study.

2. Do not walk more than two days in the same shoe, try to change it.

3. In our time it is quite easy to buy special Stockings that will save you from swelling. They can now be purchased both in the store and online.

4. Do not eat a lot of salt and drink water and other drinks in large quantities. In salty foods, and excess fluid will cause swelling. Especially if you like to drink water after 19. 00-there may not only be circles under the eyes, but also swelling.

5. If your work restricts you in movement, at least once every 10 minutes, change the position of your feet, put them on the surface just above the hips.

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