The ankle of the right leg is cut off

Swelling of the ankle of the right leg

To me of 35 years, body height 162, weight 51, bad habits are not present, I conduct a healthy way of life.
Recently started to perform variousphysical exercises on the muscles of the legs, in particular exercises for the ballet, where just a large load falls on the Achilles and legs as a whole. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my ankles were tight, I thought that before the menstruation, as usual. But a right ankle began to bother a week ago. At that moment, I was wearing narrow shoes on my heel, my legs began to swell by the evening.
For today the picture is this: with the left ankle everything is all right, there are no complaints. Right swollen, edema. I press just below the ossicle bone - there are dents for a second. 30. Strong from all fingers. The swelling goes to the foot, on the sole also swells, because when the leg is separated from the floor, a pulsation begins to be felt.
I correctly understand that system things - heart, allergy, lupus and so on, can not be considered in this regard, because only one ankle has swollen?
What kind of doctor should I contact? Do you need tests, X-rays? Help, please, to understand.

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