After phlebectomy, the leg swells

Husband. 30 years.

Good afternoon.
I'm an athlete (Rowing). 30 years. Two weeks ago, an operation was performed on two legs to remove the BPV (radical phlebectomy). I note that my legs never bothered, only cosmetically ugly bumps and doctors frightened with thrombosis, - decided to do.
Like and slits on both feet in almost the sameplaces. But one leg of self-healing is healthy for 100 as before surgery (although it lost weight slightly). The second (left) swelling in the standing position and more when walking (still in the stocking). It still has not gone through all the painful sensations. In the groin, the sensation of how lightly the foot has lightened up. With that and I go. Worried that before the leg did not bother. I ask you to advise what is wrong and when everything should be restored and you can start playing sports? It is strange that such a difference in the two legs when recovered.