After aksh the leg swells

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Zdrabstvte, I have a tightness in my stomach and it pulses strongly, I read on the Internet they write everywhere about the aneurysm of the oarth, I'm 19 years old, can I have it?

Answer: It is unlikely, but it is better to do ultrasound of the abdominal aorta

problems with the foot and fingers of the left

Good evening. I'm worried about the foot and fingers of my left leg. After contacting vascular surgeons in our cardio-dispensary, I was diagnosed with "obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities" with stenosis of the VNPA mouth up to 75%.

Answer: In your situation, it is desirable to perform blood flow restoration by surgical or endovascular method.

The teenager is 15 years old.Meteodependent, attended the sports sections (2-3 times a week) from 6 to 12 years. Due to frequent headaches with nausea and vomiting, a disruption of coordination (the state of a drunk man) was discontinued. Endurance was becoming.

Answer: You need to turn to a good neurologist.

Good afternoon, Igor Antonovich! Recently since 16.03.2016 my mother Maltseva LA. was treated in the clinic in Klin about critical ischemia of the lower limb, you gave us recommendations on cardiology, I would like.

Answer: Good day, Andrey. Please increase the dosage Betalok ZOKa to 150 mg 1 ppm. Prestarium up to 5 mg 1 r.d. And Xarelto must take with food. Thank you.

I have such a question for you.I was diagnosed with an acute phlebotrombosis of the deep veins of the left upper limb of the subclavian axillary segment (Paget-Shreter syndrome). After five days of injections (heparin), the hand began to swell rather badly.

Answer: You need to continue therapy with anticoagulants and purchase a special compression sleeve. With time, swelling should decrease.

hello to the father of the aorta bifemoral shunting

Hello my father was conducted ABBSS 2013 shas anklyuziya right popliteal vein after mechanical stimulation of the right shunt invasion for 72 percent could damage the shunt

Answer: The question is not quite clear.

Good afternoon, Igor Mikhailovich. My 90-year-old grandfather lives in Yaroslavl. I enclose an extract from the epicrisis-extract of the SB RAS No. 10: "14.03.16 Zinchenko Grigory Ivanovich was operated: thrombemboctomy from the popliteal, tibial arteries left.

Answer: If the patient walks, then come urgently to the clinic. Maybe we can restore blood circulation. Contact the head physician "Section on hospitalization".

Hello! We are from Serpukhov. My grandfather is a veteran of the rear, he must be 87 years old, but I do not know. whether he will live to his birthday. Plastavili diagnosis: dry gangrene. But there is no cure.

Answer: Good afternoon. To understand what can be done it is necessary to know the state of the arteries of the lower extremities. You need to perform ultrasound of the arteries of the lower extremities, or angiography of the lower extremities. By results of researches it will be possible to tell.

Hello, Doctor. Mom is 78 years old. Diagnosis: atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, diabetic angiopathy, stenosis of the right iliac artery, occlusion of both ZTA. HINK 3A st on the right with hemodynamically significant stenosis according to PBA, HBA and PBA.

Answer: Most likely the patient must performrestoration of blood flow through a shunt or angioplasty. Contact our head physician "Section on hospitalization" and come to the consultation with all available documents.

Good day. My husband has big trophic ulcers. Now they have become a dark color. What to do. He is a disabled veteran.Travmu received while performing. Two operations were performed on veins in the Mechnikov hospital.

Answer: Bring on internal consultation. It is necessary to find out the cause of trophic ulcers.

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