The left foot is swelling

Why the left or right foot is swelling

When the legs start to swell, then some peopleimmediately write off this for failure in the work of the kidney or heart. But many people are interested in: why the left or right foot is swelling? Immediately it is worth noting that only an expert can find the cause of swelling in one leg, but general knowledge on this issue will be useful to everyone.

Causes of swelling of the foot of the right or left foot:

- occlusion of venous vessels with blood clots. In this case, a blood clot forms, and it closes the blood flow in the specific direction of the canal. If the thrombus is in one place in the left or right leg, then this leg swells. It will require the removal of a blood clot, since it can move to the heart, which is already very bad;

- Infection. In the foot, the infection can get through a scratch or blood. Very often diabetics suffer from such a problem, and the sooner the treatment starts, the less problems there are;

- vascular transmission. Swelling in the left or right legs can be affected by wearing narrow shoes with tight clasps around the ankles. Also need to replace shoes with a large heel and wear a small heel;

- Vein enlargement. Because of the disturbed outflow of blood, hydrostatic pressure in the veins increases, and if provoking factors are added to it-a long standing on the legs, narrow shoes, then swelling becomes stronger;

Trauma. A person can withstand severe pain when injuring his left or right leg and if a dislocation or a fall occurs, you should immediately go to the emergency room. The X-ray picture will clear everything up, and if there is no fracture, then there may be a sprain in the ligaments, and then a restriction of physical activity will be required;

- inflammation of the joints. The swelling near the joint should always be alarming, and only the rheumatologist will tell you about the causes of the edema of the foot and how it can be reduced.